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Single but iffy to mingle: Oh My! Kryptonite

Published:Monday | September 3, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Welcome to this week's issue of single but iffy to mingle. I'm still single girl Krysta, ready to take on the dating world by storm. I've just had a few reservations along the way.

I've gone through great lengths to tackle the situation of the ex. But there's a secret some ladies don't necessarily like to discuss. And that has to do with their kryptonite. If you've watched Superman, then you have a general idea what it means. So, how many of you superwomen out there have for yourself a secret kryptonite? One particular man who has your heart skipping beats whenever his name pops on your phone for a call or message, or one who has you tongue-tied and makes you weak to your knees on sight. Because I'm no ordinary woman, I've had two in my lifetime: Mr Wild and Mild and Mr Surreal. Grab that popcorn and drink, we're about to go into old story time.

At door number one, we have Wild and Mild. Mr Wild and Mild and I met while we were in college. We interned at the same company and hit it off almost immediately. We could've gone our separate ways after that summer, but we didn't. Instead, we skimmed the surface of seduction through chemistry, physics, and biology. But while he went above and beyond on the wild side, he was mild when it came to his views on relationships. Our on-again-off-again flings during university fizzled over time because I wanted more. Can't be in the game and not level up. We just know that we can't be locked in the same room alone, it's hard to fight the feeling up close, so we remain distant friends.

Make room for door number two. Mr Surreal earned that name after swooping into my life and rescuing me like Superman himself. We met post college and, at first, I wasn't too sure of his intentions. All I knew was that he liked me - he wasn't afraid to say it or show it. And which woman doesn't love attention? My laughs were music to his ears. Hand-holding was natural. And his stare: laced with seduction. He was sweet, smart and charming. Time stood still for our conversations that would go on for hours but still weren't long enough. Before we knew it, we found ourselves talking about short- and long-term goals together, and supporting each other through our journey. He pushed me to go after my dreams, I encouraged him to reach for his goals. My heart fluttered at the sound of his voice. I was all googly eyed and mesmerised, and luckily for me, I wasn't the only one.


He Waited


Oh, and guess what: he waited! Yes, you read correctly: he waited. Which I respected, since I didn't want to rush things. It was definitely worth it because he gave new meaning to chemistry, physics and biology: he treated my body like a temple and an ultimate wonderland, and was the embodiment of the scientific trifecta.

Sounds ideal, doesn't it? There was only one problem: our timing was always off. We tried our hand at a relationship and while it was one of my most fulfilling ones to date, it was short lived - life got in the way. And because we knew the other deserved the very best, and we couldn't give it at the time, we became good friends. But we're each other's support system and the type of friends who hug a little too long, gaze into each other's eyes a little too deep, read each other's minds and get the gist of things without saying a word, and can ultimately read sultry body language based on energy alone - now that's dangerous if you ask me.

Now, you might be wondering what all of this has to with my single life? They're both single, too. So do I have fun at door number one, or do I try to get boo'd up at door number two? This may sound strange but it's easier to manoeuvre the friendship, especially with Mr Surreal, when I'm in a relationship - he's respectable so he won't violate certain orders. But what do you do when you're dealt a refreshing hand? Do you bluff out the dating game, betting all that you can on this one hand, waiting to see if you stand a chance at winning? Do you throw in the towel, lose the game, and go for other mystery dating cards? Or is it that you do both? Who knows? Got to play the game first to find out. I'll keep you posted. *wink*