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Easy does it: Beauty Hacks 101

Published:Friday | September 7, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Whoever said beauty takes time wasn't kidding around! But who says it really has to? Maybe it isn't that it needs to be a long and drawn out to-do. It might be that we've been going about the prim and proper process wrong all along. Here are a few beauty hack that will not only save time, but money and energy, as well as serve as an ideal backup for when things seem to go wrong.


Glossy lids revamped


Glossy lids are a new trend in the department of make-up. But putting on lip gloss and balms over the eyes might feel a little uncomfortable for some because it is sticky. Don't despair, hydrating serums are here to the rescue. Applying a few layers to the eyelids can provide the same effective natural and refreshed look without leaving that icky residue.


Powdered lids


If you have oily lids and find it difficult to maintain your smokey eyes, et al, and have even given up hope on the waterproof liners and shadow primer, try to seal in your look by brushing in some loose powder beforehand and after you have completed your make-up mission. What this does is soak up the excess oil on your skin throughout the day or night.


Cat eyes redefined


A popular look during Halloween for those fierce vixens or Christmas time to achieve the angelic wings, many rock this mysterious look daily. How many of you still can't master the art of cat eyes? It is probably because you were drawing the tip toward your ears, which expert make-up artists say can give you a droopy look, instead of carrying it upward, in the direction of where your eyebrows end. Make that make-up alteration and lift your look to glam. The only way to go is up.


Q-Tips as an mascara applicant


Going for a more natural look for your lashes, but still want to doll it up a bit? Try using a Q-tip, lint free, to apply the product. That way, you can avoid entangled lashes and stretch your beauty product so that it can last longer.


Smaller is better


On the topic of lashes, many might think that thick mascara gives better coverage, but all it does is create unsightly clumps. It is recommended that you purchase the mascara with a smaller brush, or use a tiny brush to apply for greater lash definition without looking overdone. In this scenario, less is really more.


Wiggle it just a little bit


Many women walk away and stay away from mascaras because they don't know how to set the technique into play. Instead of applying heavy strokes with the brush up and down those lashes, wiggle it just a little bit. It's a surefire way to avoid clumps and bat those fluttery eyelashes in style.


Oiling dry skin


You've always been told that the cure to dry skin is hydration. And the best way to apply immediate hydration is with oil. Why can't the same process be implemented to you make-up. Try this trick: add the oil pr balm to your make-up. It'll work wonders for your skin and you no longer have to sacrifice your skin, for the sake of beauty. You can be both moisturised and glowing, too.

For the lips, create your very own lip balm with these everyday home products: sugar and vaseline. Mix the two together and let them work their magic in curing those dry, flaky lips. It is also an ideal home remedy to sooth your lip after a long day of wearing matte lipstick.


Fresh wash


Nothing says wake up time more than washing your face. Doing so as a pre-workout regimen is apparently awakening in more ways than one. Washing the face with a cleanser, especially before morning workouts, doesn't only help in waking you up. It may also function as a pore protector so that they don't get clogged by the built-up sweat exuded during the session. It also can assist in toning down acne breakouts post work.