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Kelly's World | Some of us still need the whip

Published:Monday | September 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Slavery legally ended a long time ago, but mentally, we still behave like prisoners.

Jamaicans still need to have the master or massa standing over them with the big whip or stick for them to behave properly.

For the record, I'm sure other people of other nations are like this as well, but I've only ever lived in this country so I can't speak for anywhere else.

The truth is, many of us can't do what we're supposed to unless we are being pushed.

It starts from really early.

Ever notice how hyperactive some children become all of a sudden? That is, as soon as their parents aren't around?

Other than that, they're so still, they're practically comatose.

And this mentality carries on in the teenage years.

I remember being in high school on the odd occasion when a teacher wasn't able to attend class.

Another teacher would usually stop by the classroom door and pass on some message that we should read whatever chapter or work on whatever questions were present.

Now to be fair, sometimes we did as we were told. Other times? Not so much.

Read which chapter? Worse if we weren't going to see that teacher again 'til next week? Yeah, right!

The more studious students would simply find another text to read (maybe the literature book chapter they should have read from the night before).

But a good percentage of the students would simply play 'ABC Fast or Slow' (I loved that game) or the boys might play money football.

Aah! High school was fun!

Not having a teacher or other authority figure standing over us felt like winning the lottery.

I saw it even at university. The lecturer/tutor had an emergency, so the class might be encouraged (note, not ordered) to have a discussion on the material.

Lol, yeah sure. Half a di people just get up and cut. It was worse for those who worked and studied.

Dem just tek it as a blessing from above and a chance to get home to their children before midnight for a change.


Back-to-school Traffic Issues


And the same thing applies to grown-ups. Look no further than the back-to-school traffic issues last week.

There were reports of persons obeying the traffic lights and other traffic signs.

Of course, we all know that the major reason for that is because the police were out in full force at the major intersections.

Anyhow dem neva deh deh, those drivers who are just allergic to following the road laws would have had a field day.

But dem couldn't try dat wid Babylon a watch dem so close.

You ever notice how yardies, who are the most cantankerous persons out here when it comes to waiting in line, are the most docile when dem deh farin?

That's because the police and other keepers of the peace up deh nuh ramp fi gi out ticket. Down here, we feel like we can beg a bly.

Now God forbid that we, as some cynics have said, should bring back the whip.

That would be a retrograde step. Plus, mi have sensitive skin, it wi wail up.


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