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Trendy Interior Paint Ideas

Published:Monday | September 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Whether you've recently moved into a new home, are trying to breathe new life into an existing space, or are just doing some rearranging, choosing the right paint colour can be a difficult task considering the number of paint choices available.

Here are a few of the popular interior colours that can help you set the mood:




Like a blank canvas, a good white paint will allow your furniture and decor to be the stars of the show. White is perfect for small spaces as it makes the room feel spacious and luxurious. Make sure it's the right white though, the wrong shade of white can be disastrous.




Purple is a shade that appeals to everyone. A powerful splash of purple can add passion and finesse to a room, especially when used as an accent colour. When done right, purple gives elegance and sophistication to any room.




Looking to add a touch of energy to your home? Red is the perfect colour for you! Intense and sensuous, red generates a strong emotional reaction that is unmatched by any other colour. Be careful, though, too much red can be overwhelming.




Let's talk about the versatile shade of beige. It works well with bold accents and makes a great choice as a backdrop for an art display. If you understand and appreciate the art of subtlety, this colour is the one for you.