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Kelly's World | Good thing I'm not angry

Published:Monday | September 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM

"And it's good that I'm not angry, I just need to get over..."

Angry, by Matchbox Twenty.

One of my favourite TV characters is Dr Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon revealed a list of persons who were his mortal enemies. Mind you, these people may not have done anything even remotely worthy of 'punishment'.

But that's how elevated his sense of self is.

Now, I'm not Dr Sheldon Cooper. The only doctorate I'm likely to get is an honorary one, and even then, universities only give those out for people who have done extraordinary things.

The only extraordinary thing about me is that I haven't punched myself to death, yet.




For the record, I kinda tried once. Long story short, I took my eyes off the road and ran into the back of someone's car.

Cost me $55k to repair the damage. When I got the bill, I was really not amused.

But I digress. Sheldon Cooper's list came from his warped sense of justice, and particularly when someone has committed an injustice against him (at least in his own mind).

I've come to realise that I'm the same way. It doesn't have to be anything gargantuan. In fact, even the most microscopic slight (or what I consider a slight) against me remains in my memory banks.

And when they resurface, like when I'm having a bad day, evacuate the village because Mount Kelly is about to explode.

The ugly truth is there are days when I wish I could turn into The Hulk and smash any and everything that gets, or has ever got, on my nerves.

Dependent on the day, that would be a whole bunch of things. I remember pretty much all the times I've been 'wronged' in my life.

I remember the time the market woman nearly pushed me out of the bus (seriously, I had to hold on or I was heading for the steps) for allegedly stepping on a stalk of her scallion.

I also recall the day in third form when I was accused of throwing paper across the classroom when all I did was put said paper in my pocket after it landed on my desk because others were throwing it.

I'm getting heated just remembering that one right now.

If I was to actualise my anger in Hulk form on a daily basis, I'm pretty certain I would leave more damage than Hurricane Gilbert and the 1907 earthquake put together.

At least Stephen Shaw and his NWA brethren would have enough projects to last for two lifetimes.

Now, how can one individual who is, by most persons' standards so well-off, be so angry? Better yet, considering some of these things were ages ago, why can't I just let them go?

Those are good questions that I am yet to answer.

But I guess Jamaica will be OK as long as I'm not angry like the song at the top says.

Oh, and I just need to make sure I'm not exposed to gamma rays.


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