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Simple living with Wilola Wear

Published:Monday | September 17, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence


Donaldene Berwick has been a designer for most of her life, having her clothes worn by Diana King and Dorraine Samuels. She even designed the wedding gowns for Tami Chynn and Emprezz Golding but now her designs have taken a more laid-back approach to complement her new lifestyle.

She was only 19 years old when she started to design professionally. She went on to start popular lines like Bwoy Beatazz and Num Num Designs, which were geared towards plus-sized women. Berwick found that being a designer sometimes is like being a bartender - you get a front-row seat to insight on individuals' lives that you would not normally have. You become their sounding board and confidant. Being privy to this, she found herself becoming a counsellor.

In 2002, she started to mentor young women. This went on through to 2005. She felt like this was becoming her calling.

"I liked to help people to make their breakthrough. Helping people who feel like they are stuck to become unstuck is something that motivated me," she told Flair.

This never deterred from her passion for designing. It was just another layer to her. While this was the case, she took some time off from both designing for five years - from 2010 to 2015. During this time, she started her family and now has two beautiful children.

"All my life I thought that I was not going to have children and then someone prophesied over my life and I held on to that. But I know what it was like getting older and thinking that you will never have a child and having all the doubts come in," she admitted.

Berwick then took to her knees went through a period of fasting and it was after this that Wilola Tree was truly birthed, it could be said to be her third child. Her own experience and enabled her with the tools to improve her own life and she seeks to pull greatness out of other women admitting that it comes from just the way one is taught to think.

"We have to change the way we think. Even the way we think about money because worrying about it will cause it to be elusive and hide from you. Everything starts with your attitude," she told Flair.

Now she shares her wisdom on YouTube and Facebook, but she has started mentoring again and hopes to plan women's self-care and wellness seminars. But Berwick would not be herself without every now and again having scissors and fabric in hand, so to complement her lifestyle, she adds Wilola Wear.

Wilola Wear is a low-maintenance, easy-wear casual line. You can wear the clothes to a laid-back evening with friends, shopping, or even a yoga class or retreat. The fabric is light, comfortable, and hassle-free. Clothing that you can just grab and put on, not too tight so one does not have to feel self-conscious about their body and the waist trainers can be left behind. You can just be your true self.

In fact, these are her go-to day-to-day clothing. So you get to see a piece of Berwick in the designs. So women like her can keep it simply moving with Wilola Wear.

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