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DIY Jo: Pure Honey is Pure Moisture

Published:Monday | October 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM


This week, I am excited to give you my review of the Creme of Nature Pure Honey line.

I have seen this product on the market and it had me a bit intrigued so when I received the opportunity to try it, I jumped at it. I washed my hair with the Moisturising Dry Defense Shampoo and that won me over from the start. This has no sulphates, mineral oil or silicones. I only needed a small amount to wash my hair because it suds and cleanses well. Though it does not make mention of detangling, it did detangle my hair easily.

The Moisturising Dry Defense conditioner was next. Truthfully, I would not need to use it since I planned to use the mask, but I wanted to be able to say what it was like. The consistency was very creamy for a conditioner. I would associate the texture with a deep conditioner or hair butter, but I must say I was impressed by the feel of it in my hair. My hair did feel moisturised and I can't complain at all about it. If you suffer from dry hair, then this is a must-try. I moved on to the Moisture, Replenish and Strength Hair Mask. The instructions did not require you to steam unless you are working towards rapid restoration of the hair. My hair is in a pretty healthy state, so I had just left it in for the five to 10 minutes as suggested, specifically eight minutes. The slip was perfect and my hair felt soft.




The hardest decision to make was deciding whether I would do a twist-out or attempt a wash-and-go. However, while I decided, I ran the Break Up Breakage Leave-in Conditioner through my hair. My natural curls started to emerge, but I still decided to ultimately do a twist out. I did not comb my hair when I added the leave-in I just finger detangled so that my hair was prepared for the twists. It was easy to do because the leave-in had enough moisture for a good slip in order to prevent tangling.

Then it was time for the Moisture Whip Twisting Cream. When I looked at it, I was a bit nervous because it was so rich and creamy, I thought that it would be a good moisturiser, but I could not picture it giving me a hold. I sectioned my hair in four, flat twisting both sides and the back, while twisting the top, and applying a generous amount to each section. Left it overnight and used the blow dryer on some sections that were not fully dried in the morning before pulling out the twists.

"OMG!" I was pleasantly surprised, hold and definition were there and it was still moisturised. The products are not only good for your hair, but they make it feel good. I keep putting my hand in my hair, and I must say Creme of Nature got it right. The perfect combination of hold without even a hint of crunch. I really do love this line and would recommend it. Trying to pick my favourite is a bit difficult but the shampoo I do love and the conditioner is amazing. The moisture you get from the conditioner alone is what you expect from some treatments. But if I am to rate the line in its entirety a 4.5 out of five.