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Headaches are a big concern

Published:Friday | September 28, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Headaches can be mild or a continuous, searing pain that causes great discomfort to the scalp, neck and of course, the head. But when should you become concerned about your headache? Consultant neurologist and pain specialist Dr Michele Lee wants you to start taking the affliction seriously, now!

In a recent interview, Lee told Flair that it is imperative for you to understand that headache is a form of chronic illness, which depending on its severity, will require medical attention. She noted that this perpetual aching at times is an indicator of other and even more serious ailments.

"People need to understand that there are two types of headache, primary and secondary. Primary headaches have no external causes. But the secondary headache could be prompted by factors like tumours and even sinus," she explained.




Dr Lee highlighted that a person's diet is one of the leading lifestyle factors that brings on headaches. "Citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines, grater cakes that is made of coconut, sugar cane, cheese, and chocolate are some the common foods that cause some persons to have an headache," she said.

Lack of sleep, an over consumption of alcohol, and social activities such as over partying are other determinants that make you susceptible to developing a headache. Hormonal changes, too, especially for women during or before their menses is another agent for the nuisance.

"I recommend that you seek help if your headache persists for more than two weeks. Some people believe that headaches are trivial matters, but it's not. It's the top illness that causes loss of productivity because people have to stop from working when it comes on. And is also affects your cost of living and well-needed time with your family," she told Flair.

Like several other maladies, there is no cure for headaches. Nonetheless, it can be treated. The first step in receiving optimal treatment is to identify the trigger. From here, you and your doctor will be able to determine the best options for your relief. A change in your way of living could very well be the first recourse. Managing your stress levels, exercising regularly, botox injections and IV therapy (an acute treatment for adults) are other possibilities," Dr Lee explained.

For more information on to remedy your headaches, you can contact Dr Lee of the Caribbean Neurology Pain and Headache Centre at 876-960-4241.