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Stoplight Catwalk with Campari Pop Style

Published:Monday | October 1, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Desha Ravers
Desha Ravers walk
Anna Guthrie & Diedre McKenzie
Miss Kitty
Kristia Franklyn & Troy Oraine
Fashion Barber, Tony Krash, Shanzi Allen, Desha Ravers
Dianne Brown & Kim Goodall

Traffic Stopping! Campari Pop Style came out to slay last Wednesday, launching its highly anticipated fashion meets fiesta series in the heart of Half-Way Tree.

With the chance to win up to $350,000, trendsetters demonstrated the party's concept by showing onlookers just how to 'pop style' in the busy streets, strutting savvy style on each red light across the pedestrian crossing-turned-runway.

Tamo Ennis, the vintage stylist creatively responsible for the incredible looks on fashionable display explained to Flair that she has been in the chic profession for seven years, "I got bored with my corporate job, so I turned my hobby into a career. I've been designing for just as long, but mostly for myself. I'm launching my first swimsuit collection in October called 'HOSE'."

Describing her personal style as moody with a heavy vintage influence, Ennis expresses her 'fashion mode' based on the mood she's in on any given day. She also has quite a lot of vintage pieces in her possession, so those almost always sneak their way into her complete look somehow.

The pedestrian runway looks, she admitted, however, were heavily inspired by the influencers themselves - their personal interpretation of Campari Pop Style fused with a few finishing touches, courtesy of her, "I did, however, have a lot more input in the Campari Pop Style Judge's campaign leading up to the street activation. For those shoots, what you saw was a mash-up of inspiration from all their individual personalities, urban funk with a splash of weird. Campari and the Mystique Integrated team gave me creative control to have fun with street fashion so that's what we did."

The first party is set to take place on October 6 in Kingston. It's free of charge, so make it a date, celebrate, and participate in Campari Pop Style 2018.