Thu | Feb 27, 2020

Dear mom,

Published:Monday | October 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Dear Mom, you taught me everything besides how to live without you. I never imagined the day would come when phone calls, vacations together and family gatherings with you would cease; but, thanks for equipping me with tools necessary for survival now that you're gone.

Growing up as an only child, our mother- daughter relationship quickly blossomed into an amazing friendship. I recall the wonderful moments we shared and nothing will ever replace the bond we had. And though I would have wanted you to, you never defended me when I was wrong but hastened to punish and correct. You ensured that I was never in need of anything once you could afford it and provided me with the best of everything. You taught me the art of living a simple, humble and peaceful Christ-like life. You taught me how to live within my means and how to be content with the little that I have. I'll forever hold on to the principles and values you've instilled in my life. You're all a daughter could ever want in a mother.

In 2010, cancer came and began to destroy our fun times. It was painful to watch you lose your strength and not being able to participate in your favorite hobbies. And while this affected me, I decided not to put anything or anyone before you; I sacrificed many friendships along with my relationship and active social life in an effort to spend more time taking care of you. I thought that after recovering from the first bout of illness your life would return to normal; but, the vicious monster returned in full force on a quest to destroy. Through it all you remained in high spirit, hopeful that you would overcome. Later on in mid-2016 somehow you knew death was near and tried to prepare me for that dreaded day. However, while your wings were ready to take flight, my heart was not ready to deal with you being gone forever. God saw you getting tired, a cure was not to be and like a warrior you faced the pain with courage until the very end.

If love and tears could have brought you back on the evening of Wednesday, October 19, 2016 you would be here today. I still picture you being here and feel your spirit occasionally. If journals could talk, countless pages would provide a detailed account of what my life has been like since your passing. Though I still mourn, I live each day knowing that your prayers were enough to last me a lifetime.

I'm no longer fascinated by birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas and other special events as they aren't the same without you. I miss your infectious laughter, your radiant smile that illuminated any dull room and your dramatic expressions that brought stories to life. Continue to rest peacefully until we meet again.

Love Always, Pauline Monica Peart

Sharmica Holness, Daughter