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Zola makes Eco-Friendly Trendy

Published:Friday | October 12, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie


Zola Accessories taps into the lifestyle of the 21st-century Jamaican woman, who is not only trendy and multifaceted but also eco-friendly and budget conscious. With their Jamaican-made tote line, Zola is making headway with its promotion of local materials to create sustainable bags that are 100% recyclable. Twenty-four-year-old Monique McIntosh, CEO of Zola Accessories, incorporates her vibrant, innovative and resourceful personality into the craftsmanship behind each handmade tote.

"We have a variety of bags in different sizes to fit different budgets. Our largest size is ideal for whether you are going to the beach or you need to stuff (it with)a laptop or a few books.The bags are very versatile and it is up to you how you rock it," said McIntosh.

She started Zola Accessories while attending CARIMAC at the University of the West Indies. "I decided that I wanted to express my artistic side and venture into something different," she stated, as she described her journey to creating Zola Accessories, which is her first of two companies. The business began as an eco-friendly jewelry line and is now expanding into a more diverse accessory line. "I experimented with doing the bags but I didn't really launch the bags until earlier this year,"she said.

"I don't create anything that I wouldn't want to use myself. I wanted something durable and different," she explained. Zola's tote bags come in reversible styles for a 2 in 1 bag which McIntosh insists is value for money. "We also offer custom made bags so we can tailor it to you," she said.

"I left my 9-5 job to pursue something that would make my life more fulfilling," explained McIntosh who recounted her journey as a new addition to the Jamaican workforce after leaving CARIMAC. "After spending so much money on my degree only to end up in a job that earned less that $100,000.00 did not feel right to me," she said.

McIntosh is not only the CEO for Zola Accessories, but also the founder of The Digital Marketing Chic which is a digital marketing company which focuses on managing social media accounts and company websites.

The sky's the limit for this young and enthusiastic entrepreneur who is continuously studying Global trends and honing her skills to make herself more marketable.

Visit Instagram @zolaja and @thedigitalmarketingchick for more information on McIntosh's brands.