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100% natural vaginal cleanse

Published:Monday | October 22, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Jonielle Bingham shows of her product, Coochie Cleanse.
Jonielle Bingham shows of her product, Coochie Cleanse.
Coochie Cleanse


The beauty industry is in a constant frenzy when it comes to finding the perfect formula for feminine hygiene products. Due to the increase in allergic reactions and cases of heightened sensitivity, many are turning to naturopathic remedies to obtain ultimate freshness. Coochie Cleanse is a Jamaican product which embraces the use of natural products. "This is a product that started based on my own misfortunes with international feminine products,' said Jonielle Bingham.

With just over a year of production, Coochie Cleanse is seen as a miracle worker for those who are extra sensitive to chemicals around their nether region. "I did my research, and did you know you are not supposed to use soap on your feminine area?" stated Bingham, who explained that the chemicals in many soaps disrupt the natural healthy bacteria needed to maintain a healthy vagina. "These chemicals also affect the pH balance of the vagina, which makes it more prone to harmful bacteria build-up and even yeast infections," continued Bingham. Coochie Cleanse helps with eliminating body odour, stops itching, maintains pH balance and keeps the vagina moist.

Bingham emphasised that the product is not a miracle worker. "Coochie Cleanse is for the maintenance of a healthy vagina. If you suspect that you have a yeast infection or any other infection, visit your physician and get it checked out," she said. Before creating her own product, Bingham had numerous problems with on-the-market feminine hygiene products. "They were all too harsh and made me feel uncomfortable for the entire day," she explained.




She created a formula made with only natural products that are mild enough for the most sensitive skin. "If you look on the market now, there aren't that many natural products for feminine hygiene and there are a lot of people who cannot use them. Why not create a product catering to them?" stated Bingham. The key ingredients in Coochie Cleanse include witch hazel, aloe vera juice, lavender oil, rosemary oil and coconut oil.

"The feedback has been very positive and I am getting repeat customers. One bottle of Coochie Cleanse can last for six weeks when used twice per day. A little goes a long way," said Bingham.

Coochie Cleanse is available islandwide. For more information visit @coochie_cleanse on

Instagram or call 876-489-2178.