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Single But Iffy to Mingle: What To Expect When You're Expecting

Published:Monday | November 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Couple talking

We've all at some time or another heard the term, 'What to expect when you're expecting'. Usually, it's associated with pregnancy, labour and parenting. Well, today, we're examining this phasing phrase from a courting perspective.

Before I go any further, let me welcome you to Single but Iffy to Mingle. It has been an eye-opening 2018, and for those who have been following the journey so far, I thank you. For those just joining me, you have some catching up to do. Long and short, boy breaks up with girl, girl gets heartbroken, girl makes a move to heal as she accepts the new cards she has been dealt, then girl embarks on the single road with hopes of turning this close into an avenue for love. But this girl has reservations.

One of the biggest makes or breaks of new encounters has a lot to do with expectations. If you believe with all your heart that something is meant to be and it happens, then that's great. But if that's not the case, then you're faced with disappointment, sometimes regret. Since embarking on this 'getting to know' stage with the opposite sex, I've discovered that it is so much harder than it used to be, and it might be way over my head. Now, don't get me wrong, men are fascinating creatures, but they can either be complicated or complicated situations too.

This leads us to the matter at hand: what to expect when you're expecting. What do you expect from a man who you're expecting to date? Well, first thing's first:




For me, I expect him to be confident and charming. I'm not big on the external factors, but I must be able to look at him. So if you're not my cup of coffee, then I'm sorry, I'm not interested in sipping.

I would love if he were passionate and engaging, so we can develop great conversation around our likes and dislikes.

He should shower me with compliments and be attentive to details, be interested in me and express such interest in fun, exciting, customised and creative ways.

He needs to be understanding, hard-working but available. I find that those who are understanding either have too much time on their hands or there isn't any left for amorous explorations. So, it would be nice if there's time, that it be spent wisely, being constructive and productive, while I do the same. Sweet check-ups are welcome. Stalking has no business here. In addition, it is imperative that quality time be toured in order for us to see where it goes: too busy has no place in the courting cabinet. So, create the time. Furthermore, I can't know you through your phone, come out and meet me.

I expect open, honest and consistent communication. Hot today - cold tomorrow. That climate change of communication will not work.

I expect courtship. The most obvious yet highest expectation because we are living in the age of hooking up, where it's okay to meet just for the sake of getting busy together. I also expect respectful courting at that: get to know what I'm about before throwing in out-of-town excursions, romantic rendezvous which require a room after, dinner or movie at the home of either parties involved. It's best we start on neutral grounds and work our way up from there.

Life is way too short so, failure to comply with these expectations will result in early termination. I do apologise for any inconvenience I might have caused.