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Maintaining you health after wild exotic games

Published:Monday | November 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Caring for your artificial pleasure givers is just as important as any other hygiene practice. And if you don't, chances are you'll find yourself in unsatisfactory situations. For surely, women who use unclean sex playthings are turning up at the doctor's office frustrated and even confused about irritating changes in their bodies. In the end, they learn that they have developed a vaginal infection, for instance, bacterial vaginosis.

Sade Buckeridge, co-owner of Fetish Secretz, a fascinating sex toy store, at Eden Gardens, told Flair that the first step in maintaining your health while using these amusement models is to become aware of the material, used to make them.

"A lot of women don't know the material and this is what leads to them making mistakes when they say they are cleaning them. There are so many different types, from the silicon to ABS plastic, cyberskin, glass, wood, and more. All of these material require different ways for cleansing. For example, glass and wooden toys can be sterilised but the ABS plastic ones cannot," she explained.




Knowing how to care for the specific material is the second step in preventing illnesses, but she cautions that using body-safe non-toxic and non-porous sex toys is the safest way to go.

She added: "Also, consider that materials like pvc is dangerous and can cause harm by itself, so if it is not cleaned then your chances of getting infections will increase. It's made of Polyvinyl chloride and it is not guaranteed that the chloride will evaporate, most do but that's just about 80 per cent of the time."

Using harsh chemicals such as alcohol and bleach on the toys is a misstep, when hosing them down. Instead, Buckeridge recommends a number of agents specifically designed for this purpose, and the type of toys. She highlighted that there are wipes and toy cleaners from brands such as Intimate Earth, Calexotics, JimmyJane and Wicked Foam N Fresh that are available to you.

"Just as when you are washing your clothes and you believe that if there is not a lot of suds you don't think that the clothes are being washed properly, it's the same thing with some women and their devices. But that's not so. A mild antibacterial soap like Protex can work, and depending on the type, water is all you will need," she said.

Also, she noted that sanitising your hands before handling and using a clean towel to dry these sensual lifestyle products are other major ways to prevent yourself from developing infections.




Some hints you need to look out for that tell you that your devices need to be spruced up are mildew, dark spots, odour and change in colour.

Ladies, she warns that the sex aids must be cleaned before and after use. And after reaching the euphoric climax you seek, removing the batteries from those that are powered this way is crucial. If the batteries rust in an adult toy and you do not clean it before use, this will make you more vulnerable to developing ailments.

Buckeridge is determined to continue educating you on maintaining good health while using the intimacy inventions. She says, "I always advise women that even though it's a sex toy you must use a condom, and please don't share them."

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