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Glamcon’s success

Published:Monday | December 3, 2018 | 12:55 AMRocheda Bartley
The Glamcon panellists in all their glamour share the style spotlight with the hosts of the afternoon as well as the event's organiser. From left: Panellist Cortia Bingham, host RushCam, organiser Gabrielle Waite, host Kandi King, panellist Waynette Strachan and panellist Shanice Allen.
Baby was front and centre as she shared beauty tips with her attentive audience.

Glitz and glamour coupled with intellectual banter and bouts of laughter. That was the atmosphere at the first-ever Glamcon Health and Beauty expo held recently at Spanish Court Worthington.

Putting competition aside for the day’s affair, several beauty giants and rising entities came out in the name of fashion, getting girls all glammed up.

Gabrielle Waite, CEO of Gabby Glam and organiser of the exposition, explained to Flair that celebrating beauty was the main focus of her initiative.

“I also wanted to create a setting where local and international brands could connect. I wanted them to unite for the sake of beauty and just focus on helping others to be gorgeous,” the 22-year-old said.


It was an absolute fun-filled event, defined by exciting games, giveaways, sleek fashion show, charmer challenges and non-stop shopping. With a number of make-up stations on site, ready and waiting to keep belles looking fabulous, many waited patiently in queue to get all dolled up.

Revlon, ORS Olive Oil, Face Forward Cosmetics and Redken 5th Avenue were some of the hubs that gave women and girls that eye-catching status. Glo Skin Care provided a side of health and charisma that balanced the day’s offerings while JahDeBoutique brought fashion to the forefront of the adventurous proceedings.

And to cool down the heat, especially that which emanated from the thrilling make-up relay challenge, CPJ and Lasco iCool were there to the rescue with refreshing thirst quenchers.


Hosted by the chirpy Kandy King and RushCam, the show was an engaging conference. This segment was aimed at enlightening prospective entrepreneurs, and achieved just that. Cortia Bingham, manager of We Inspire Women; Waynette Strachan, owner of Shoe Tease; and Shanice Allen, CEO of Luxe Marketing and The Estate, formed an engaging panel that sought to direct their attentive listeners in profit-making.

“One thing that I wanted to do was to boost women’s confidence. I believe that without any, they can’t achieve anything. It’s my first event and I think it did well in achieving my mission,” Waite said.

And it gets better. Special guest, international celebrity make-up artist Baby, amazed ladies with a stellar performance throughout her special ‘master class’. Known for working with R&B rappers and singers, including Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, the expert brought beauty hacks and best practices to her audience.

Waite acknowledged her success and promises greater things for the future.