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Kelly's World | Driving in Three Miles takes courage

Published:Monday | December 3, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Road work along Marcus Garvey Drive in the Three Miles area.
Motorists wait patiently in the traffic on Waltham Park Road, St Andrew, recently.

Had the experience of driving through sections of Three Miles last week, seeing at first hand how motorists are making their way since the Three Miles work hit high gear.

Let's just say that it was 'interesting', to say the least.

I live nowhere near Three Miles or areas like Back To (Majesty Gardens) and Seaview.

But fortunately for me, the driver hails from one of the communities in the area and he's used to driving through that type of traffic.

Personally, I like when the road, any road, is as devoid of other vehicles as much as possible.

But that's just not going to happen. Even if I'm the only driver on planet Earth, I probably still wouldn't be happy.

I am also acutely aware that there will be times when you have no choice but to mix things up in a small space with plenty of other drivers, some of whom may not be the most courteous.

Let's face it, drivers are like a microcosm of the wider human race.

There are some who are absentminded, others who are determined to do the right thing, and others who are just downright disgusting.

I don't know whether I'm a good driver or not. Maybe I've just been lucky or blessed. But I know that to do 'inner-city driving' daily is another matter.

I think if you can drive in and around town without colliding with anybody, you can drive anywhere.




However, that did not prepare me for the driving that I saw from persons going in all directions in Three Miles.

Seeing the whole flow of traffic up close for the first time since the roadwork started left me feeling quite sorry for the motorists who have to drive that side every day.

I guess it's like paying toll to go to Portmore. If you live there, then you do what you have to do to get home.

Truth is, when this whole work is finished, including the flyovers and all that jazz, the roadway is going to look like something you'd see in a big city on TV or in movies.

And that's what we want. Jamaica is a naturally beautiful country and it's time our infrastructure mirrors the forests and beaches.

But look yah nuh man, you have to be mentally tough to handle the driving in situations like what I endured.

The bumper-to-bumper lines, the near accidents, the kerb riding, and twists and turns through communities and lanes that I have never been to in my life were quite the adventure.

And let's be clear, I went through this vehicular maze long after persons first experienced it, when things were even more chaotic.

I legit would have gone nuts if I had been caught in the traffic that first day after Three Miles was 'shut down'.

I can honestly understand why some people prefer to walk rather than take taxis right now.

Look at the bright side, they'll get plenty of exercise. Think of it as a part of the whole Jamaica Moves campaign. Ah boy.

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