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Waynette Strachan is on a winning streak

Published:Monday | December 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM

"My motivation is intrinsic. I always aim to morph into a better version, something greater than who I was before." These are the words of Waynette Strachan. The 22-year-old University of the West Indies (UWI) graduate is on a winning streak, championing the entrepreneurial trail through her fashion store Shoe Tease and courier service Elite Courier Services.

Strachan, who has been tooting the financial independence horn since her time at Wolmer's High School, always envisioned herself as a successful doyenne. The creative go-getter has a keen eye for making a profit. So, when her schoolmates were reluctant to get in line for their lunches, Strachan started her first business venture.

"I was so determined then to start earning for myself. I would go buy lunches for persons and charged them for my services. I saw this as my first opportunity to make money, and this was when I started to take the business world seriously.

Becoming a marketing manager was her childhood dream. However, when she initially embarked on her secondary education she became daunted by other 'fancy' professions. For some time she felt that it was not sophisticated enough to match other standards. So, a paediatric neurosurgeon was her next best pick. But that was short-lived as she could not escape the undulating tentacles of entrepreneurship.

Investing in jewellery was another move she made and when that and all else failed, she opened her store in 2015. With an astute control plan and goals to accomplish, Strachan set out with no intention of looking back. Starting with an itinerant service travelling from her house to her client's feet, she later launched out with a one-stop physical location at Southdale Plaza in St Andrew.




Strachan, who is currently a marketing and brand consultant also has a knack for communication. This, along with the growing passion she has for economic autonomy, led her the Caribbean School of Media and Communications (CARIMAC). There she studied Integrated Marketing and Communications that provided lessons, that she says were like gospel for her calling.

"It was only natural that I transitioned to CARIMAC because I always had a passion for mass communications. Studying there helped to mould talents that I had already had. It structured and added to what I already knew and greatly improved my business. I was living the things that I was learning and that made my claim of victory easier," Strachan explained.




"I don't balance. I think that is a far-fetched idea. To be continuously be fruitful, I always make sure that something is happening for both (areas)and if I am falling short, I have a strong support system to rely on. And I prioritise in terms of high points and seasons and I try to maximise on time," she told Flair.

Strachan is dedicated to continue evolve. She hopes that other women will be driven to achieve their visions, too. Break your barriers and be strong and relentless is her advice to these women.

She says: "Just start! Don't give power to fear and allow it to hinder you. I was scared just as you maybe and I also failed but that taught me patience and other important skills and you will learn too."