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Borderline Personality Disorder is no joke

Published:Monday | December 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is commonly mistaken for bipolar disorder. This mental illness is rapidly increasing.

It is characterised by long-standing patterns of sudden mood swings that grow out of conflicts in relationships. Usually, a distortion in the perception of one's self-image and that of others as well as the victim's behaviour are likely to be results of the sufferings that accompany of BPD.

The exact cause of this troubling situation is unknown. However, brain function, genetics and the environment are factors that are all considered when it comes diagnosing patients with BPD.

According to WebMD, people experiencing the malady often endure episodes of overly strong emotional responses that upset life events and often try to hurt themselves, especially by inflicting wounds with a sharp object. This condition also predisposes persons to develop chaotic relationships with others.




It's not easy to identify the signs and symptoms of BPD. That's because of its similarity with other psychological conditions. However, the recurring indications that are often seen in patients with the situation include impulsive and reckless behaviour, frantic efforts to avoid feeling abandoned, unstable relationships at home and work, a tendency to perceive others and their situation as all good or all bad, impulsiveness, paranoia and feelings of emptiness.

Its victims will not have all these warnings signs and definitely not at once. So, closely monitoring those affected is crucial.

Borderline personality disorder can also lead to other unwanted mental conditions. Depression and bipolar, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorders are some of the likely health issues that may result from BPD.




Deciding to seek medical help is the first step in treating the poor health condition. And speaking to a psychologist is the best option in correcting the mental problem. Psychotherapy is the leading option for remedying the ailment. Medications, too, are available to persons who suffer from the disorder, and if necessary hospital stays will be recommended to deal with symptoms that are associated with borderline personality disorder.