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Erin Hayle: Passionate and selfless

Published:Monday | December 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Co-founder of the Jamaica Kidney Kids Foundation (JKKF), Erin Hayle, is driven by her passion and commitment to better the lives of others. By marrying education and psychology she hopes to bring about significant change, resulting in a better society.

With her first degree in psychology, she celebrates the first step in making her big dream a reality, but notes that there are greater things on the horizon for her. Now her eyes are set on pursuing a master's in applied positive psychology in the United Kingdom.

"I really want to apply this concept of psychology to education. It's about thriving, happiness and focusing on what you can do better instead of what you are doing wrong, because children learn better in an environment where they can have fun and enjoy the atmosphere," The University of the West Indies graduate said.

Helping others is one of the major gestures that stir strong emotions within her. Today, Hayle is happily changing lives one child at a time at the JKKF that operates to offset the cost of dialysis for youngsters.




"My favourite part of being a part of this programme is the teaching opportunities that it provides. So, when we have exhibitions and children turn up, I know it is time for me to take over. I get to do many things with them and they would get excited to give me high fives and to learn something," Hayle explained to Flair.

Teaching for Hayle is more than a profession, it's her bread and butter. Her first golden opportunity of practising the art came unexpectedly, just as her opportunity in marketing at KPMG five years before.

"I began to like teaching while at KPMG. The facility moulded me in the profession. I also love languages, and so I studied French and did a lot of other things while working there. So, when I got the chance to go to France to teach English I did not hesitate," she explained.

She also had the opportunity of teaching English in Japan, and even though it was not in the plans, she did her best. And the more she taught there she fell deeper in love with the skill. After a while she longed for home so she returned to Jamaica, and the Rainbow Land Nursery School was her focus. She stayed there for almost two years before deciding to commit to JKKF to support her mother.




"I have dedicated myself to learning because I know that learning is what builds you," Hayle said. Hayle, a free-spirited and adventurous being, has explored several other areas. Graphic designing, accountancy and auditing are just a few.

She hopes to return to the classroom soon. Hayle, who gets her inspiration from her mother, wants to empower others.

She says: "When it comes to work ethics I am like my mother. Whatever I am doing I always do it well and until the task is finished. You can do it too. It may not be something that you enjoy but just keep doing it."