Mon | Nov 18, 2019

Working with arthritis

Published:Monday | January 7, 2019 | 12:00 AM

It's hard enough dealing with stress in the workplace. Add the discomfort of the constant searing pains and stiffness brought on by arthritis and that's enough to convince you to call it quits. But there are ways of getting around these aches and pains, making mobility easier and your life more worthwhile.

It starts with getting the mind in shape. Accepting the tasks and even challenges that lie ahead as you prepare to remedy the ills of the joint-pain disease is a major acknowledgement, setting you enroute to reaching your results. Building and maintaining your confidence as you go endure the rewarding lifestyle changes is just as important as the former. Then it's time to get the job done.




Chances are it may be difficult for your employer to conveniently renovate your workstation to accommodate your situation. So, adjusting to your environment is crucial. The long staircase you once manoeuvred quickly perhaps will become your enemy, if you develop arthritic knees. Therefore, consider strengthening your leg muscles with simple exercise techniques such as leg raises.

Changing your chair, relocating office supplies, and if possible, using ergonomic equipment, too, can make a big difference.




Overworking yourself will only intensify the pressure you're already feeling. Performing at the pace at which your body permits is key. This may take some getting used to, especially if you're newly diagnosed, so be patient and make the necessary adjustments. Remember: practise makes perfect.

Prolonged sitting can also make your situation worse. Taking a five-minute breather to stretch your legs at least every two hours has the power to reduce your afflictions.




A physiotherapist will be handy especially during the winter or when it gets cold in the office and outdoors. Your medications may not be able to effectively ease your pains so, getting extra help is always an option. He or she will provide the necessary advice you need and reassure you that you can accomplish your goals when you start to lose faith. Setting appropriate and achievable goals as you work towards relieving your pains is another task with which a physiotherapist will assist you.




Exercise is important and comes with many benefits even though you are suffering from joint pains. Aerobics and aquatic exercises are the best options for persons with arthritis. In addition, you can tackle low-impact workouts designed to strengthen affected areas.