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Kelly's World | We all go a little mad sometimes

Published:Tuesday | January 15, 2019 | 12:00 AM

On my way to work recently, I'm cruising along when I notice a woman trying to cross the multi-lane corridor that is Waterloo Road.

She was heading from Devon House and trying to get to the other side. It's a tricky trek as there is no pedestrian crossing.

After successfully passing my little automobile (I'm in the right lane of the two heading towards the 'YMCA stoplight'), she proceeds to try and complete the second leg of her journey.

Now to be fair, she did have to look if anything was approaching from the two lanes she's now facing; those vehicles would be coming from Trafalgar Road.

Problem is, she forgot that there is a third/filter lane for vehicles turning right from Waterloo Road on to Hope Road.

That filter lane starts at just about the vicinity of the Devon House entrance.

Well, my likkle lady start cross the road, enuh bredda, and before I know it, here comes a motor car, heading right for her, with her head facing the other direction.

I could see the headlines now. 'Pedestrian hit down outside Devon House'. I had come to a stop so I was seeing the 'action' behind me, with no way to warn the woman.

Fortunately for the pedestrian, the driver was A) well alert, and B) not going too fast that they couldn't stop.

However, the driver (and to be fair it's not the worst thing) flashed his or her hands in anger and frustration. But they didn't roll down the window, or worse, get out the car to complain.


Drama Queen


And that's when the drama started. Instead of thanking God for not getting run over, the woman proceeded to tell the driver about dem various 'claat'.

Even after she had moved out of the way, in the process now putting herself squarely in the path of the oncoming traffic from the other direction, she was still hurling expletives.

Better yet, even after making it across the road and settling on the sidewalk, the woman was still going at it.

I won't say this is the most 'cloth' I've heard advertised in my life (I do work downtown, remember) but it was the most I've heard from someone who could have just died.

But despite that, I'm not going to chastise the pedestrian even though she was being a complete lunatic.

To be fair, we don't know what took place just before she started crossing the road.

Maybe she didn't want to carry whatever it was she was holding. Maybe she had purchased said items with her last penny and was distressed about that.

For all we know, she was having a bad morning. Granted, it was about 9:45 a.m., so maybe she had a bad night?

Of course, there is also the possibility that she's just bat-crap crazy.

Point is, we all have our moments when we 'snap'; the only difference is ours might be in private.

So I spared a thought for the woman and prayed she would have a less eventful time as she went on her way. Hope she made it.

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