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Krush by Stephanie Shaw

Published:Monday | January 21, 2019 | 12:00 AM

The art of crochet depicts intricate details garnered from the spinning and weaving of yarn to create patterns from a single hook. What some may find agonisingly time consuming, others such as Stephanie Shaw, designer of Krush clothing and jewellery line, see as a therapeutic outlet for her creativity.

"My most recent inspiration came from a very sad mood," said Shaw as she described the daunting challenges she was facing within her own home. "In an attempt to lift my spirits, I took up an empty wine bottle, some yarn and glue," she said. Shaw told Flair that from her sadness, she created her very first wine vase decor. "I was so pleased with the outcome, just looking at it made me feel slightly better. It's amazing what art can do," said Shaw with a heart-warming smile.

Originating from Kingston, the Krush entrepreneur admitted that she fell in love with crochet after purchasing a ball of yarn and needle on a whim. "I decided to teach myself how to crochet," said Shaw. "Initially, I only made bikinis and cropped tops. But now my products range from jewellery (tassel earrings, chokers, anklets), clutch, handbags, bowties, scarves, tam/hat, bikini cover ups, etc. Also, recently I've added layered necklaces made from African-print material to my collection which is one of my best sellers," stated Shaw. Her most recent addition to Krush is home decor such as vases made with wrapped yarn.

After displaying her products on social media, Shaw developed a fan base that surpassed her expectations and led to the creation of Krush. "After posting a pic of a bikini I handmade, persons began commenting and stated that they wanted to place an order. At that point in time, I knew I could not keep this talent to myself, others needed to experience 'Krush'," she said.

The majority of the materials used by Krush is locally made. "Local materials in Jamaica are very costly and few. It is difficult for small business owners like myself to consistently purchase local products. Every now and then, I will make my earrings and necklaces from materials obtained overseas. I wanted to make a blanket for my God daughter shortly after she was born, but was unable to find any 'Baby yarn' locally and was forced to purchase overseas. For certain projects you definitely will need a specific material, and most of those are not locally available," explained Shaw.

She has a regular 9-5 job as a customer service representative, but ensures that she creates the time to deliver a fast turnaround time for her products. "I just do 'me'. At the end of the day, there are many talented individuals out there doing what I do, but we each have our own unique traits, style, and appeal to a different audience. There's a piece of the pie for everyone," stated Shaw when asked about her competitors within the crochet market.

All items from Krush are handmade in Jamaica. To view Shaw's work visit @krushbyss on Instagram or WhatsApp (876) 291-0926.