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'Tech-Intimacy' - The future of foreplay?

Published:Friday | January 18, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Midnight had long made its mark as slumber escapes your company. Dripping with desire, you place a 'cyber call' to the one who hold the power to quell or fuel this unruly fire. Acting on incentives from your equally eager lover, you run the race of ecstacy solo, going the distance until you climax as you cross the finish. Although you've reached your destination, your appetite along the journey remains insatiable. If only your significant other could do more. Maybe he or she can.

"Sex times technology equals the future." Eloquently expressed by the late great science fiction novellist J. G. Ballard, the Flair has decided to tap into this stimulating trend.

The future of foreplay and beyond lies between the fusion of intimacy and technology. Laced with notions and motions of erotica, couples and singles are being swept away by this freaky feat. Let us excite your curiosity with a little more of this phenomena.

In recent times, an ingenious idea popped up on the sensual scene. Created by one of the leading condom producers, Durex, 'Fundawear' was designed to tease and please with exhilarating play, merging technology and intimacy in lingerie and boxers. With the advent of an app, one can send touches in real time. And the aroused recipient can feel that physical contact while wearing specially designed lingerie and boxers.

The novelty initiated by the lustful ad campaign piqued the interest of many, particularly couples seeking to bridge the gap in long-distance relationships. Or those looking to set a new precedence in spicing things up prior to their main event. It unfortunately fell short in following through: it didn't pass the 'durexperiment' stage.

There was, however, an upside to this disappointment: it's failure to hit the market inspired or gave the opportunity to other creative inventors to step up to the plate and actively participate in the game of seduction.




Be present, make contact, create Frixion. Say hello to the future of foreplay with the evolution of this state-of-the-art sex toy. Working for singletons and couples, the founder wanted a network that persons could log into in order to have implicit pleasure with their partner, previous partners, or complete strangers (sounds kinky, right?). They've upped the steamy ante by also offering a sex robot to leave the virtual world and make its way into the physical one - body to 'body'. The only issue so far is that they have yet to receive the necessary funding from sponsors to really promote it on the market and take it by storm.




Similar to Fundawear, it provides sexual stimulation and/or satisfaction in the absence or immediate presence of a partner, with the employment of an app. The only difference is that a person can use his or her smartphone from a distance to channel fulfilment through an OhMiBod vibrator. Talk about the perfect dynamic duo!




Lovense goes a little deeper than the one-way play, supplying sultry toys for both men and women, A masturbating sleeve and a rabbit vibrator go 'hand in hand' in exuding screams and moans of pleasure. Partners have the option of pleasing each other or themselves, with the assistance of a smart phone app or physically in person. The acts explored on one toy is felt by the other, so you can engage in bodily indulgence, no matter where you are.




Kiiroo performs the same functions of Lovense. But differ in that they create a video chat option for those who want to feel closer to their partner. It also provides a sense of security in that these sexual calls can be made exclusively on that platform, instead of on the phone, where you could possibly butt dial - nobody wants that.