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Taylor Made For Matrimony

Published:Monday | February 4, 2019 | 12:29 AM
A kiss for the queen in the prescence of the supporting crew members who made the day extremely special.


“Love is, in fact, an intensification of life, a completeness, a fullness, a wholeness of life.”

This profound sentiment articulated by poet and writer Thomas Merton resonates with the journey of two hearts, who passionately hopped aboard their relationship and set sail into the enchanting sunset ‘Taylor made’ for matrimony.


Terisa Thompson met Chad Taylor during their collegiate pursuits a little over eight years ago. Having mutual friends resulted in their frequent encounters at social gatherings over the weekend.


What first caught Terisa’s eye was how neatly yet stylishly attired he was, displayed in a simple yet classic manner. She thought him to handsome but quite the jeerer who took every opportunity to deliberately infuriate her. Chad shared similar views, highlighting that she was always well put together and cute. He revealed however that he initially saw her as a bit intrusive, declaring that he would be sitting somewhere enjoying his own company and she would appear regularly to ask if he was okay. He pondered on her concern, not knowing that her curiosity would steer him into a new wave of euphoria he had always yearned for.


Interest loomed following a game they played of spin the bottle, instigated by friends at one of their infamous weekend link ups. Dialogues became cordial but deliberate and before they knew it, they'd find themselves active in hour long conversations. With chemistry and similarities also aligned, Chad officially asked Terisa to be his girlfriend on December 6, 2011.


Embarking on this refreshing step as first mates, they developed a one-of-a-kind love that could weather just about any storm. This honest, attentive, strong willed and diligent man of God, according to Terisa, has helped her to appreciate the value of assiduous, quiet work. While for Chad, her constant affirmations through prayer and support has instilled improvement in his confidence, as she believes in both him and their love.


After courting for over six years, Chad levelled up by asking his other half to marry him.


Offshore proposal


In March of last year, a close friend of the couple who lives overseas visited the island for his birthday. Chad made mention of his intention to him, and they plotted this planned dinner, undercover offshore proposal, “I wanted it to be a foolproof surprise.Our friend suggested that he carry Terisa on a date for his birthday. As weird as that sounded, it was rather brilliant - we constantly joke that he is husband number two. He asked Terisa if she would be willing to go on a ‘date date’ with him. She told him that he would have to ask for my permission and she would also ask.‘Shockingly’ I agreed.” The marine engineer who was away at sea for work was due for time off on the scheduled day. Unfortunately, the day wasn’t going according to plan, and there was a last minute cancellation on the time off. Determined, Chad asked his supervisor to kindly relieve him of his duties for the day and he would return the following day.


The date night on March 3 was reserved at Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine for 8 p.m. Chad ensured to fulfill Terisa’s wishes of keeping the proposal an intimate affair. She was surprised while out with their friend to see a suave Chad interrupting the dinner. And on the rooftop, under a dark yet starlit sky, he went down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. An excited Terisa yes.


Terisa and her my mother in law planned the wedding from start to finish, receiving support from other family members and friends. Chad was off at work, but he was kept informed by his bride to be, who was meticulous about the process which she described as arduous but fun at the same time.


On December 29, 2018, Terisa and Chad were Taylor made at the Grand Port Royal Hotel. With love anchoring their souls, the beautiful bride blushed, exuding beauty and radiance on her wedding day, A dapper Chad beamed with pride as he sealed his fate with a kiss - a highlight for him. A loose cannon yacht accommodated the bridal party photography and the wedding after party, as they sailed off into their happily ever after.