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3 Ways To Fix A Hairy Situation

Published:Monday | February 11, 2019 | 12:08 AM

Apart from birthdays, holidays and other special occasions, Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year where most women consciously think about hair removal. If you are in a long term relationship or just started dating someone new, you might be thinking about booking that Brazilian wax appointment or swing by the closest grocery store in preparation for a “saucy” Valentine’s night. Waxing and shaving are the two most common methods of hair removal. However, the epilator is a growing growing global trend that a lot of women are starting to move towards. Flair Magazine is here to break down the differences between epilating, waxing and shaving.

Before we get into the pros and cons of the three methods, you need to make sure you know what they really are.



An epilator is a small, handheld device which has multiple sets of tweezers on a roller. As the roller rotates, the tweezers grab your hairs and remove them from the root. It is very similar to the method you may use for tidying up your eyebrows, but with more tweezers over a wider area, meaning you remove more hairs quicker.

Using an epilator can remove very short hairs, and because it is from the root, it can be long-lasting. Plus, over time you may find your hair growth is finer and slower. You can get epilators which are specifically for your body, others which are designed to be used on your face, and some which have attachments so that you can use it for both. You can even use some epilators in the bath. They are very versatile, discrete and highly effective.



Waxing involves applying wax to your skin in the direction of your hair growth and then removing it quickly against the direction of your hair growth. Unlike epilating, it has an exfoliation effect on your skin as the wax can remove the top layer of dead skin too. It is long-lasting and over time you may notice that your hair growth becomes finer and less dense.



This is the introductory level of hair removal which most women started using in their early teenage years. Shaving is when you glide a razor along your skin against the direction of the hair growth, to remove the hair which is exposed above the skin surface. It is very quick to shave, but because you are only removing the hair above the skin, you will only have a day or two before you get stubble, so to get the same smooth-skin effect, you will need to shave more regularly than you would use other hair removal methods.

Now that you have a better understanding of the options, let’s begin the comparisons.


Is it worth the cost?

Epilators have a higher upfront expense. However, once you purchase it, you pay next to nothing with every session. It also last a very long time. Waxing is cheaper than an epilator, but the cost will add up over time because you have to pay for each appointment. Shaving has the cheapest up front cost, but is the most expense of them all long term.


Is it painful?

Epilators come with mild irritation that you will have to grin and bear while using for the first few sessions. Overtime you will notice the discomfort you felt is reduced significantly. Waxing follows the same faith where it will be difficult to experience in the first few days. However the body will acclimatise to the discomfort. With shaving, unless you cut yourself you will not experience any pain.


How long does it last?

With epilating, hair will take between 3-6 weeks to grow back. The same thing goes for waxing. Shaving on the other hand will last between 1-3 days.


Based on the comparisons you can decide which hair removal method is perfect for you. The epilator, waxing and shaving are all great options and gets the job done.