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Entice with ‘V-Day Spice’

Published:Monday | February 11, 2019 | 12:08 AM


“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” Engineer Franklin P Jones might have made a breakthrough when he divulged this discovery. And since the season of love is here, let's take our veteran and newly formed couples on an sultry stroll down ‘Memory Lane’. Here are a few easy and breezy ways you can spark the fire of desire, and entice with a little ‘V-Day’ spice:


Drive through love street

Dinner is always a good idea, especially with great company, but maybe, just for the occasion, you could opt to take a drive instead. It sounds simple, but with the right rekindling playlist, the cool air caressing your skin and each other's company, you never know where the journey may take you. Add a secluded destination at the end and you have got yourself a winning V-day date.


Reenact your first date

If he or she is really into romantic dinner for two, then take him or her back to one of your significant firsts: the first time you met, first date, the first time you became a couple, your engagement or special anniversary. You name it. Whatever you feel will float their boat and have them sailing off into the sunset of happiness all over again. The closer you can get to the amorous gesture, the better.


Oh Starry Night

Reignite your passion for each other on v-day by indulging in a beautiful night under the stars. Whether it’s a dark outdoor picnic or late night camping, make an event out of it and bask in the twinkle and sparkle of it all.


Heated Morning Lovin’

Who says the special day has to solely be celebrated at night? Start your day off right and turn up the heat with some morning lovin’. Throw in breakfast in bed, a seductive shower for two, and head off to work on a euphoric high.


Be freaky

If all of the above doesn’t tantalise your fantasy, tap into your freaky side. Lure him to a playground, it might be a strip club, or you can create the fantasy room of your own. Tease him with a session of pure seduction, bumping, grinding and twerking in a trance to a erogenous paradise. Engage in the act of agoraphilia, if you both so desire. And when that’s done, rock his world in soul shaking fashion over at the after party. *wink*