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Love notes with the McLeans

Published:Monday | February 11, 2019 | 12:09 AM


Franz Schubert declared about the prospects of marriage, “Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.” This declaration is reflected in the romance of Delroy McLean, senior director of C&W Business Jamaica, and his wife of almost four years, Anjule. And in the spirit of Valentine's Day, the Flair has decided to press play and share in this wonderful couple’s uniquely intimate journey to holy matrimony and beyond.


The lovebirds met in class while doing their Master's degree at Mona School of Business and Management in 2012. Anjule confessed that Delroy caught her eye almost immediately, putting plans into action to go into hot pursuit.


According to Delroy, Anjule broke the ice by asking him about a book he was reading, and while on a coffee break at class, he invited her to Rituals Cafe to read with him.


“That was the first time I got a clue that she liked me because she didn't actually come with a book. We spoke the entire night until they closed.”


Although he found her attractive, Delroy kept things cordial and remainded clueless about Anjule’s initial feelings, thinking that she had no interest in him.


When they fell in love


While Anjule couldn’t identify when she fell in love, she knew from her first platonic encounter that she was going to marry him. For Delroy, it took a thunderstorm and her fear of lightning for him to realise that he wanted to be her protector.


Charmed by his cute dimples, captivated by her radiant smile, Delroy and Anjule followed through on their connection. Delroy's upbringing in rural Manchester fascinated the city girl who grew up in St Andrew. His compulsion for cleanliness balanced the chaos of Anjule’s messy routine. And her happy dances performed for every occasion brought joy to his reserved world, comforting his two left feet.They warmly accepted, adored and even adopted each other’s differences.


While Anjule revels in the security of his hugs, kisses play an important part for Delroy: there is no compromise on indulging in the best of both affectionate worlds. Speaking of the world, these globetrotters have enjoyed making romantic memories in Mexico and Turks and Caicos. But a country run locally to Little Ochi revealed deepest secrets. Delroy is more confident, driven and adventurous and his ‘Jule’ entertains structure and is much calmer for being with ‘Del’.


Surprise treat


For dessert, Anjule aligns her sweetheart to a lychee cake because it's not overbearing in look or taste; its low key with just the right amount of sweetness. And Delroy draws her likeness to a Christmas cake: traditional, wholesome, taking effort and lots of love to make with soaking fruits for months before and it’s good all year round.


Love language and communication


Acts of service vs quality time: Anjule is all about quality time no matter the circumstances and Delroy, a DIY man, is all about giving. With these love languages established, it makes understanding each other and expressing their love much easier. And they're still open to greater knowledge and practice in this capacity.


The key to a successful marriage for them is communication. If you'ren’t in tune with your feelings, then the union won't work. Find mediums through which you can be there for your partner, and be open to listening and adapting, as situations arise. Now, for fun, they enjoy spending time with their twin girls.