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Love yourself again this Valentine’s Day!

Published:Monday | February 11, 2019 | 12:07 AM

Nicole stared at her reflection, wondering why she didn’t look like she remembered herself looking. She was not a sad person usually. When did her smile become a permanent frown? Her eyebrows now had two vertical lines between them. “I’m not an angry person,” she thought. “When did those get there?” She was looking into the face of someone much older than she felt. Her face didn’t represent her true inner self anymore. What was she to do? Creams didn’t work, and she didn’t want to do anything as drastic as surgery.

Nicole’s story is not so unique. Many persons spend their lives caring for others and making things happen in the world as mothers, spouses, and citizens of the world. But when they finally take a minute to look at themselves, a lot has changed.

Fortunately, there is hope for Nicole and millions of people like her. There are many ways to bring Nicole back to loving her reflection again. Dermakare’s Skin and Body Centre Dr Arlene Rose recommends a few safe, simple ways to fix these and other troublesome matters. One method involves upping your intake of collagen-building foods such as Bone Broth and Vitamin C.

Another safe method is the use of non-ablative (non-heating) laser face lifting. This method works by rejuvenating the skin and underlying tissues without heating, scarring or long-term negative effects. There is no harmful radiation using this method and it is ideal for every skin type. Clients doing this enjoy less sagging, smoothened facial lines and even some unexpected health benefits, such as improved sinusitis and reduced eye puffiness.

An additional method Dr Rose recommends is known as Fillers. Tiny needles are used to inject a ‘building block’ of collagen, which immediately fills any deep creases such as smile and frown lines, etc. Numbing creams are used to maximise comfort and ease. It is a natural component of collagen that is injected so there is minimal redness with immediate results. After about 20 minutes they get to see themselves looking the way they used to years before, and most go back to work the same day of the procedure. Results can last up to a year or more and the new collagen produced slows down the ageing process in all treated areas.

If you find yourself in Nicole’s shoes, whether male or female, just remember, all is not lost. There are non-surgical options that are easy, safe and effective that can help you truly love yourself again … this Valentine’s Day.