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The art of fashion

Published:Monday | March 25, 2019 | 12:16 AM

Art and fashion are intrinsically linked, and more so now than ever. From clothing design to catwalk show art direction, major labels to boutique houses, the world of fashion is falling over itself to involve important names from a diverse range of the visual arts.

It’s hardly surprising. After all, what is fashion if not wearable art? And these collaborations between the disciplines are certainly mutually beneficial.

Just as art and fashion so regularly collide, the runway does not disappoint. For his recent photo shoot, model Jeffrey Rose merged streetwear that expanded into classy dressing with rich colours that intertwined with our rich cultural heritage.

It is undeniable that streetwear has evolved over generations, and what started as something that was equated with cheap and easily accessible clothing for everyone has now been morphed by society’s youth into the exact opposite. The single underlying reason for this transformation is the integration of street style with luxury brands and high fashion.

“Style has become so much more than just a trend; it has transformed into a culture that is ubiquitous but eccentric at the same time,” Rose said.

“There is an air of innovation and inspiration that accompanies creative people,” he added. “We go about our lives observing and absorbing ideas. Subliminally or consciously, that helps us draw references and create our unique styles,” Rose said.

His style is often characterised by casual clothing and bright colours. Rose believes that it is the wonder of the creative mind that draws from a plethora of sources, and amalgamates into fresh shapes and colours, that seem relevant to our everyday lives.

“I have always enjoyed being party to fashion’s creative process, witnessing a fascinating mix of diverse cultural influences,” Rose said.

For more unique artistic styles, follow Jeffrey Rose on Instagram @jeffrey.themodel_king.

Model: Jeffrey Rose

Location: downtown Kingston

Clothing: Maxie Department Stores, Kahee Fashion

Photographer: Gerald A. Gordon