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Modern Day Wife vs Traditional Wife

Published:Monday | March 25, 2019 | 12:17 AM

He who finds a wife finds a good thing. So says the Bible and many believers. Many men still desire to find their better half. But, in recent times some have expressed the view that “di wife material done”, but is this so?


Is the traditional wife the preferred choice or is the modern day wife a better option?


The Flair sought the views of some Jamaicans on finding a wife and here’s what they had to say.


Boom Boom 26 - "I wouldn't tell a man to marry a woman now. Wives nowadays only want to party and if you ask them to cook a meal, they may refuse. Women only want one thing, sex.”


Murray 75 - "Modern day wives are miserable and fat but they know how to cook. If I had to choose, I’d choose a traditional wife."


Jan 61 - "Modern day wives are active, creative and independent. You must be a strong man to be able to appreciate those traits in a woman. Good women are still here, all we need to do as men is exercise patience."


Omar 43 - " The only thing women nowadays are interested in is money. Once you don't have money, they are not interested in sticking around."


Kadesha 24 - " Good women are out there because I am one. Based on Christian principles, I believe that the modern day wife should love God. After that, she should be able to take care of the home but men should also share the responsibilities because both parties become one."


Derron 26 – “Wife Material? I wouldn't say it's done. Humans evolve and so we as men should be able to roll with the punches. You cannot expect the woman to wash, cook and clean every day after a long day of work. If she is a good person, why can't we both share the responsibilities? Your wife is not your mom."


Sandra 44 – “Wife days are over. It's time for the matey. Wives nowadays are only interested in looking good and going out. That cannot hold a man. Mate material is the new and improved wife material lol."


Benji 50 - "No, wife material cannot be finished. A wife does not have to be domesticated to the fullest but somebody you can fall back on when times get rough. If you're sick, she can wash. If you come home and you are in need of some tea, she can boil water. She must be working. If it is that a woman is not working because she doesn't want to work, she should leave people's son alone."


Milli 45 – “Wives are still out there because I am still out there and I am modern. I can still do the things wives do. Sex is a must, cooking is a must and cleaning is a must. I am working and I have ambition. Everything is good over here.”


George 29 – “Wife material isn't ‘done’ per se but it is on the decline because women don't know how to take things slow and take care of themselves. If you can't take care of yourself, how will you take care of me? We can't build without a foundation.”


Kevin 28 – “Wife material can never run out. It boils down to the quality of women that you are attracting. If you are attracting trash, check yourself."