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Angelique Kerber happy with Porsche support of female tennis

Published:Monday | April 8, 2019 | 12:11 AM
Kerber professes that her favourite Porsche is the 911.
Kerber professes that her favourite Porsche is the 911.

On the practice day of the recently held Miami Open, participants experienced an unforeseen downpour of rain, which restricted players from practising. However, for Porsche brand ambassador Angelique Kerber, this was an opportunity to take a break from her hectic schedule.

A winner of three Grand Slam tournaments, she has been a part of the Porsche team for over three years, as she believes that the German company has many similarities with her game. “The cars are strong, fast, and perform at a high level, and this is what I am trying to do in my tennis career, to play against the best players,” revealed Kerber.

The former world number-one player was very down to earth, as she walked into the meeting room in her fleece and sweat pants, with her hair in a ponytail. She was all smiles, which was a strong indication that she was in a mentally calm place, as she sat at a table surrounded by journalists from over eight countries.

Peeking at the right time

Kerber won her first Grand Slam in 2008, however, her breakthrough moment came three years after, when she had a stellar performance at the US Open. She entered the competition ranked 92nd and ended with a meteoric rise to 34th place.

From the jump, the first question Flair wanted to know was ‘which Porsche was her favourite?’

“The Panamera is nice, because you can take two more people in the back. There is also the Cayenne for the longer journeys like five to six hours, it’s always better to have a bigger vehicle. But I love fast cars, so the 911 is my favourite car.”

Outside of her obvious love for the cars, she also displayed social consciousness as she spoke passionately about the perseverance of females in the sport. “We are always trying to do our best and showing the fans how nice the sport is and the fact that we are humans. As players, we go through different things that we have to overcome both on and off the court.”

As the interview went on, she became more comfortable in revealing aspects of personal life. “I love to watch musicals like The Lion King and Abba and I think most persons will find that surprising.”

Motivating the younger female athletes

Knowing how competitive sports can be and the fact that it is filled with disappointments, she also made an effort to encourage younger female players. “Be honest with what you are going through and believe in yourself. If you really love the sport you are doing inside of your heart, there is always a way to come back, but it needs time. You are not going to feel bad today and then tomorrow the sun shine. You also need to have good people around you that support you.”

Along with winning her upcoming tournaments, the star has great hopes of one day visiting Jamaica. “It’s on my bucket list, because I have heard so many great things about Jamaica and one day I am going to go there for vacation for a few weeks.”