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Stylin’ with Chelan Smith

Published:Monday | May 20, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Brunch With The Family: Flowing dress hides the belly perfectly after eating.
Wedding: Yellow form fitting dress with a pair of multicoloured statement heels

Style is the perception of your mind, body and soul, all tied together with your very own personal flair. It is a unique blend of colours, patterns and textures which embody your way of life and its unique journey. For Chelan Smith, lifestyle blogger and owner of Chelan Communications, your personal style is like your second skin. In this week’s ‘Stylin With…’, Smith gives us a tour of her closet, with a few tips and insights on the key pieces that keeps her stylish.

“My personal style is very simple,” said Smith, as she described her approach to fashion. With a mega watt smile and squinting eyes, she opened her closet door to reveal a minimalistic blend of singular statement pieces with basic pairings. “I usually wear one piece that stands out, while everything else is pretty simple,” explained Smith.

Smith admits that her favourite Jamaican designer is Tamia Carey, because her designs allow her to feel beautiful and confident.

“Tamia Carey’s outfits are very comfortable and make a statement, this is why I love them. Most of my outfits are from her,” she said. “I am a minimalist. I love seeing big jewellery and over the top pieces on other women, but when I put them on myself, I do not have the same appreciation,” she explained. Her fashion inspiration is @thestilettomeup on Instagram.

Flair Magazine challenged Smith to style herself for seven different scenarios which included, brunch with the family, girls night out, date night, road trip, wedding, running errands, and a concert. Though a little nervous, she perused through her closet for the perfect outfit for each outing.


Brunch With The Family:

“I choose this very flowing dress by Tamia Carey, because at brunch, you plan to eat a lot of food and this hides the belly perfectly. It is also very sophisticated with just enough sexy.”


Girls Night Out:

“For Girls Night Out, a simple tube top with a pencil skirt that hugs your curves is perfect. It is simply sexy.”


Date Night:

“This blazer and shorts set is perfect because the nights are starting to get really hot, and this will keep you cool. You also get to show off just enough legs and cleavage to keep it classy and still sexy,”


Road Trip:

“For long road trips, its all about being comfortable yet prepared for anything, this is why I decided on this army green capri and crop top set which allows me to move around.”



“This simple yellow dress is form fitting and perfect of a wedding. The multicolour statement heels give it just enough pop to tie the outfit together.”


Running Errands:

“I keep it super casual when I am running errands. A simple white tshirt, tights and my sneakers are usually my go to. For a little more style I add my throw over also by Tamia Carey, which can be worn with anything.”



“For a concert, again I keep it minimal with black leggings and a black crop top which has a different feel with a pair of thigh high snake skint boots that can be seen as the statement piece.”


For Chelen Smith’s style, minimalism is key and having a singular stamens piece is a must.