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J’Max Spa, Hair and Nail Club: The ‘Mane’ Choice J’Max Spa, Hair and Nail Club The ‘Mane’ Choice

Published:Monday | May 27, 2019 | 12:16 AM
The master at work.
The master at work.

Her light, luxurious body sways with chic sophistication in the tropical breeze. With each bounce from that sassy strut, her glow is not only irresistible, but truly unforgettable. You can tell the tales of a woman by the way she wears her hair. But the real magic can be found behind the scenes of her hairstylist. One such professional elevating the glam game, proving to be a cut above the rest, is Wayne Maxwell.

Maxwell is no stranger to beauty. In fact, it was actually a ‘beauty’ who gave him his start in the first place. His journey dates backs to his youthful years when he was dating a hairdresser. Her salon was located close to his home and he used to frequent her work establishment. As couples lovingly perform acts of service for each other, one day, the pro asked her beloved to wash her hair for her. Impressed, she spread the word of his skills and pretty soon, he was shampooing at her salon and was a sure-fire hit among clients. She, and others, encouraged him to follow up on his talent and study haircare in order to pursue it professionally. But he already had interest in the automotive engineering industry. Fate, however, made other plans.

“The auto parts industry was taking off back in the early ’90s so that’s where I wanted to go. I, however, took a chance and did the two tests in the same week: one at Jamaican-German Automotive School and the other at HEART Trust NTA. I failed the JAGAS by 1.4 marks and I passed the cosmetology one so, I decided to take that route,” he told Flair.

At the end of the day, whether he was doing mechanics or beauty, he knew for certain that it would take him to his ultimate goal of owning his business.

Maxwell’s entrepreneurial roots stem from primary school days when he would make pencils from tree twigs and supply his classmates for two cents. He went on to create a successful ice cream enterprise from ages 12-18 years. He used to pick up and sell bottles, and even had a liquor stall, on cart, during dancehall sessions, so running a business was nothing new.

With persistence and his passion for learning at the helm of his work ethic, he was determined to be Jamaica’s premier hair stylist. In order to be the best, he had to work with the best, and he did just that, understudying as a shampoo boy with one of the best in the business. Tracing his predecessor’s beginnings, he turned up at that salon and applied for a stylist position on spot. “They weren’t even advertising. And I didn’t go there for money. I went there to seek knowledge from the top salon in the country. If I want to be good, I have to stand on the shoulders of those who are great. After being there for a year, I was styling the two major news anchors for JBC (Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation - now Television Jamaica) and CVMTV,”

Upgrading to salon owner, he has taken great joy in providing quality haircare services for the likes of many for close 20 years. Specialising in cutting, colouring, and styling all hair types from ethnic and caucasian to Indian. Not one to conform to labels, he believes that the stigma attached to male hairdressers is an old wives’ tale. How he sees it, your field of work doesn’t define who you are.

Since opening his business, J’Max Spa, Hair and Nail Club, Maxwell has expanded from doing just hair to supplying an array of beauty services, nail and spa experience. To facilitate this growth, he moved from his first home of 16 years in Princeville Plaza on Constant Spring Road, to ‘set up shop’ in Lee Gore Business Centre on Waterloo Road, “I want convenience for my customers, so that they can get everything done under one roof.” His hopes to build his chain of salons locally and spread his wings internationally.

His advice to aspiring hairstylists is to be bold, “You have to believe in yourself and what you want to do. Hold on to your vision. Along the way, you will share your vision with other people who can help you to grow that vision. For example, your vision can be a chair in a salon, but the vision could become a chain of salons.”

So what are you waiting for? Make J’MAx Spa, Hair and Nail Club your ‘mane’ choice today! To book an appointment, you can visit 31 Upper Waterloo Road Lee Gore Business Centre Unit 14, Kingston or call: (876) 925-5060. You can check out the Instagram page: @jamxhair or Facebook: J’Max Hair and Nail Club for more information.