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Take Two With Flair: Shore Love for the Mullingses

Published:Monday | September 2, 2019 | 12:26 AM

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.”

What author Nicholas Sparks eloquently stated in his novel, The Notebook, is echoed in the doting sentiment of married couple Denyque and Careem Mullings.

This ‘supergirl’ met her knight in shining armour who immediately swept her off her feet: their whirlwind romance has been a shore thing ever since. Today, we invite you to tour above and beyond their ‘I dos’ and bask in the breezing bliss of their story. Welcome to Take Two with Flair.

The lovebirds were in high spirits when they entered the Knutsford Court Hotel recently. But they weren’t alone: their adorable baby boy was in tote. The team geared up for all we had in store.

The beginning

According to Careem, she did the pursuing at her manager’s house. She fell in love with his ‘bow legs’, and that was it. This was met by roars of laughter and instant protest from Denyque, who shared that his dream encounter was the complete opposite in reality. He was actually smitten by her and her nice body, and would not leave her alone. The only fact which remained true in both stories was the location. Fun and jokes aside, they both agreed that the attraction was mutual and he requested her Blackberry PIN at the end of the night.

The two started a very casual friendship, and from there it developed into something more.

Denyque saw that Careem wanted to grow and that was important to her: she started taking a personal journey, and he was right there by her side, motivating her to do better and be better. “He is literally my biggest supporter,” she added, especially when she feels like giving up on her singing career. He is always there, she says, to say, ‘Don’t give up, you haven’t given your all as yet’. “And that’s when I realised he was a keeper.”

For Careem, it was a little different.

He recognised that she was the one for him in the first gift she ever bought him. “She had taste, class and money!” he declared, to the merriment of her wife’s laughter. “Our relationship matured quickly. She brings out the best in me, changed me a whole heap, for the better.”

The proposal: Fancy cake with “Will you marry me?” with the ring in his pocket, a nervous Careem proposed. He even placed the ring on the wrong finger, but Denyque had his back throughout, and was elated by his engagement efforts.

The megastar couple reminisced on their beautiful wedding day. Dubbed ‘A Shore Thing’, Denyque highlighted that the wedding was all her doing. Careem responded by saying that he just showed up. While the event was expensive, it was definitely worth it because the ceremony and reception were great. “It was one of the best days of my life,” Denyque added.

Their dynamic partnership grew even stronger as husband and wife. Married for three years, together for seven, they have taken up joint and individual entrepreneurial pursuits, supporting each other towards achieving professional and personal goals.

Additionally, they revealed Connor’s parental traits, sharing that he received most of his physical attributes from his father, and his emotions from his mother.

How well do you know Trivia?

By trivia time, the rivalry came right out and the two were ready to prove that they knew their partner better. Although the heated matchup resulted in Denyque winning 3-2, it was fun to travel down the memory lane of favourite cologne, favourite comfort food, who is most important in life, where was the first date, and what was worn there.

The key to making a marriage work is communication and comprehension. “If you lose communication, your marriage will fail,” Careem shared. Denyque took things one step further. “You can communicate and talk all you want, if you’re not understanding each other, then it makes no sense. Merge that with a healthy dose of self-realisation, then you’re good to go.”

Story by: Krysta Anderson


Photos by: Ricardo Makyn