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Flair Blurbs

Published:Monday | October 28, 2019 | 12:22 AM

Danik Frazer: For this profile I decided to slow it down nice and easy with a character many men can relate to and haven’t seen well represented. Keenan Folcner is an academic titan and young economist who has a lot of wisdom to share at only 25. Read to learn all he has to offer on life, relationships and of course, the economy.

Rocheda Bartley: This week it’s all about focusing on the legs. You need to keep them fit. That’s why I visited fitness experts and bodybuilding champions Jonjoi Vaughn and Kadeem Saunders at fitfarm to talk about leg exercises. Keep reading to find out which gym exercises you can practice at home.

Jessica Harrison: Ahh, the battle of ‘wife vs mom’. Who should come first in a man’s life after he’s been married? Let’s hear what these millennial men had to say. Then, all fashion roads lead to the closet of Kingsley Morgan, where we played a game of ‘What Would You Wear’ by giving him the occasion and allowing him to ‘pop some style’ for us. Check out one of Kingston’s hottest male socialites to see how he dresses for various occasions in our centre spread. Join in on the fun!

Krysta Anderson: I visited Cafe Blue in Sovereign to have heart to art chat with Receipt Artist, Romain Lewis. Read more on his journey in Drawing on Inspiration: Receipt Artist Romain Lewis. Then in ‘No Sex Period? I explored ways in which men can get intimate with a woman during her menstrual cycle.

Daviot Kelly: There’s meme going around that has hit me to my very core. The meme gives the alleged reaction of different men to any photo of a gorgeous woman that is posted on social media. I do the exact thing that the meme suggests, and more than likely, it’s under the image of a woman I’ve never met and probably never will.