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Keeping it classic and current with Kingsley

Published:Monday | October 28, 2019 | 12:17 AM

Known for almost never dropping a catch when adorning himself is one of Kingston’s hottest up-and-coming socialites, Kingsely Morgan. Corporate marketing guru by day, ripe plantain connoisseur by night; whatever the occasion, he ensures that after making a mess of his closet hunting for the perfect mix and match, he is comfortable, classic and still very current.

Following our in-house fashion trail, Flair was led to Morgan’s closet where we joined style forces with local men’s fashion house, Enigma, and of course Campari to play a game of ‘What Would You Wear’. Here’s how we played: We give Morgan the occasion, he chooses the outfit, describes it and tell us why it was chosen.

Are you ready? Let’s pop some style!

1. First Date:

Where he would take a woman on the first date is completely dependent on her personality. However, women enjoy good food so the occasion was set to be dinner at a nice restaurant. “The plaid pants is the focal point. As you can see, it has about three different colours and different lines. I kept it simple on the top and chose this pair of black patent loafers. It’s dressed up but not too fancy.” When he asked about the missing belt, he quickly explained, “With an outfit like this where the pants and shirt merge so nicely together, you don’t want to add a belt because that will be too much of a contrast,” he said.

2. Games Night with Friends:

“Game usually means lots of movement and perhaps getting a little warmer. I chose this red polo shirt because it’s cool and comfortable. The real style comes in with the shorts,” he said. According to Morgan, one can never go wrong with stripes. He added his black and white Calvin Klein oxford shoes to complement the black and white vertical striped shorts, and of course a black watch to accessorise.

3. The Red Carpet:

“Teal is a beautiful colour but if you’re not careful, you run the risk of going from elegant to trashy. It had to be a black suit paired with a white shirt to complete it. The tie, though black, is very different and it adds an interesting look to the outfit. Give the floral jacket an opportunity to introduce to you without you having to introduce yourself.”

4. Family Outing:

“I just dressed up a plain white T-shirt,” he said while laughing. “Boots and a denim jacket just bring out the bad boy alter ego. I added my personality to this outfit with the grey plaid knitted pants.”

5. Work Attire:

“This is definitely my Monday outfit. Starting the week right is crucial. It sets the tone for the rest of the week. If I look good, I feel good. I tend to always have quite a few things with me when I work, so a bag is necessary. However, I am careful that it complements whatever colour shoes I am wearing. I don’t necessarily enjoy wearing ties so the vertical striped shirt paired with this navy blue pants makes up for it.”

6. Pop Style-Esque:

“Burgundy suit with a black shirt to complement the black buttons on the vest, plus patent burgundy shoes. No explanation needed. When you see me, you know mi come fi pop style.”

Story by Jessica Harrison

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