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Flair Fashionary

Published:Monday | December 9, 2019 | 12:26 AM

If you liked last week’s fashion history lesson, you’ll love this week’s Fashionary. We look into some fashions from the world war era, some fashion inspired by the natural world, and some we’ve imported from the East and have made our own. Keep reading to find out!

Hobble Skirt:

The hobble skirt was popularised in the 1910s and is something that’s still around today, though considerably more updated. The hobble skirt, much like the pencil or ‘H-Line’ skirt, is a skirt which fits closely around the legs, creating an elongated and shapely aesthetic. Unlike the pencil skirt, however, the hobble skirt is long and cinches at the ankles, forcing its wearers to take small, more ‘feminine’ steps. In fact, the term ‘hobble’ comes from the practice of binding horses hooves to keep them from running off. So you get the picture. The women of the 1910s embraced the look wholeheartedly and ditched their oversized and overhot petticoats for the simple lines of the hobble skirt. Though the wartime efforts killed the trend (it was really impractical and actually caused some fatalities. Yikes!), women today wear this skirt for the hyperfeminine, ultra-sexy look.


A jabot is a type of adornment which is used as a decorative additive to the neckline of a garment. It’s often tied or fastened loosely around the neck and conceals the closure of the shirt. Jabots were worn in the 18th century and later simplified with silks and thin scarfs however, in their original form, they were elaborate layers of fine fabrics which adorned the neck. Jabots are something we often see our lawyers and judges wearing and is known to us as a ‘bib’.

Kangaroo Pockets:

Kangaroo pockets are exactly what you may be thinking. It’s a pocket that’s attached to the middle of your clothing, sometimes in different fabrics or prints or even different styles. This pocket is mostly featured on athletic wear and is also known as the ‘muff pocket’ as it is, well, an attached muff!

Keyhole Neckline:

This garment feature gives your neckline some oompf. The keyhole, as the name may suggest, is an opening at your neckline, just below the collarbone. The keyhole can come in different sizes and depending on the size, may very well emphasise your bust.