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Skin Care Intro with Ettenio

Published:Monday | December 9, 2019 | 12:28 AM

You are often encouraged to love the skin you’re in. But how many of us actually take this term literally and show our skin some real love? Let’s face it: unless people have acne or other skin-related issues, they abandon the concept of self-care. Ettenio is here with a refreshing approach to rejuvenation.

Recently, skin care enthusiasts attended a masterclass at the Courtleigh Hotel, courtesy of the locally owned brand. I was honoured to be invited and was ready to take on a new and exciting adventure. Setting up a spa-inspired room, we were awakened by a two-hour hands-on experience on how to do a facial at home. First question presented by founder, creator and CEO of Ettenio, Antoinette Davis, was whether or not we already had a skincare routine. The room answered eagerly in agreement: I sat in silence. The truth is, I had nothing of the sort. Up to recently, I had zero skincare problems. But I had been travelling to Pimple Town in recent times, so I was there to listen and learn.

The question-and-answer segment went on. “How many persons have a special soap or cleanser that they used to wash their face?” Davis queried. Many shouted different brands of cleansers, black soap, the works. A young woman beside me softly uttered, I used just water, and I looked across relatingly, as I thought to myself, I just use the soap I lather with in the shower to wash my face. Luckily, I didn’t say it out loud, since the good ‘professor’ responded, “Good. That’s great. At least no one here said just water or that they use the same soap they showered with. So we’re doing well.” My neighbour and I looked at each other – sharing a light laugh, we immediately became friends!

The idea for the masterclass, according to Davis, was born out of the fact that so many women and men don’t necessarily practise self-care. “We take care of everyone else, our children, husbands, work and church activities, except ourselves,” she shared. Those in attendance strongly agreed.

Overwhelmed by stress and being unable to maximise on productivity can affect not only your mental health, but your physical one, too. The skin is the largest organ of your body and, as such, it needs the most care. Davis believes that developing a simple routine in the form of a spa day at home can reduce stress, and enable you to take care of yourself as well as those around you. Most persons, she highlighted, simply don’t know what to use to take care of their skin on a daily basis, so the same Ettenionation that tackles all things haircare is now introducing the all-new and very fabulous skincare line.

The room was split into two groups: oily and dry skin, while combination skin connected the dots in the middle – I resided on the oily side. Everyone introduced themselves and shared their skin issue, as well as how they were familiar with the Ettenio brand. We received great insight into what skincare products worked for our skin type, getting a detailed step-by-step routine for those well-deserved spa days, recommended twice per week. All were amazed by scents and feel of the all-natural products. By mask time, guests could be seen sipping and nibbling on refreshments provided. Once the spa was over, many glowed in their new-found skin and were wiser for the new knowledge imparted by Ettenio. Some purchased the products to perform the same routine at home. And as for me, I’m now a believer: I no longer wash my face with the same soap I bathe with. Here are the spa day routines for oily and dry skin.

Dry skin spa day routine include:

n Cleanse with purifying cleansing cream

n Tone with chamomile rose toning mist

n Exfoliate with pineapple papaya facial scrub

n Tone with chamomile rose toning mist

n Mask with chocolate fondue face mask

n Tone with chamomile rose toning mist

n Moisturise with daily rejuvenating moisturiser

n Treat with olio de Serena facial recovery oil

Oily skin spa day routine include:

n Cleanse with deep pore cleansing cream

n Tone with green tea cucumber

n Exfoliate with pineapple papaya facial scrub

n Tone with green tea cucumber toning mist

n Mask with purifying facial mud mask

n Tone with green tea cucumber toning mist

n Moisturise with age defy rehydrating moisturiser

n Treat with olio de Serena facial recovery oil

Story by Krysta Anderson


Photos by Kenyon Hemans