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Walk out with Jermaine Dyer

Published:Monday | December 9, 2019 | 12:30 AM

Being a few inches above the ground is oftentimes a nerve-wracking experience for even the most confident of women.

Jermaine Dyer, CEO and coach at Sway Caribbean and Male Model Agency, having trained quite a few pageant queens who have made an etching impact on people, because of their walk, has now opened his doors to training all those who dare to learn. “I have always been passionate about teaching women to talk in heels. Why? When a woman walks confidently into a room she commands the attention of everyone without opening her mouth,” he said.

Let’s get our walk on:

First thing Dyer advises is that women get a comfortably fitting pair of stilettos. Not too big, not too small, and forget the ones with the pointy toes for now.

Step 1: Walk with one foot exactly placed in front of the other. Think heel to toe. This technique offers balance, supports good posture and allows your ankle to do its complete range of motion. When stepping forward, ensure that you always land on the heel of your foot, roll forward on to the ball of foot then raise the heel and push off with your big toe.

Step 2: Everyone has their own unique stride. Dyer doesn’t seek to change that but to improve it. He allows his trainees to walk first then see how best to start them off. Personally, Dyer keeps a count in his head so he doesn’t even need music. Walk at a comfortable pace while giving yourself enough time to make the proper transition from one foot to the other.

Step 3: Walk in a straight line. Use the lines between the tiles to be your guide. Be mindful of your posture, stand tall, straighten your back, raise your head and look straight ahead. By looking straight ahead, you will notice that you can see everything to your right and to your left. Try to keep your legs in line with your hips and toes pointing forward, not inward or outward.

Step 4: When walking away or making a turn, to maintain balance, extend the foot that you lead with to the side of your body so your hips open, move that foot to the back of you as if making a ‘T’ with your legs, then turn your body.

Bonus points:

n Stand in the ‘T’ position and you will be able to stand for longer with little to no discomfort.

n To appear taller in photos, position your legs to look longer.

Stay tuned to our social media page @flairja and our website to see a live demonstration with our model, Jamila, and Coach Dyer!


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Story by Jessica Harrison

Photos by Ricardo Makyn and Shorn Hector