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Weekly Blurb

Published:Monday | December 9, 2019 | 12:29 AM

Rocheda Bartley

For this week’s beauty talk I sat with makeup artist Shanique Frances to discuss primers. Continue reading to find out how primers create the ideal canvas that holds onto whatever comes after, like foundation and concealer. As well as why you need it. enjoy!

Krysta Anderson

After meeting Ettenio’s CEO, Antoinette Davis at the launch of new Fontana Waterloo, she invited me to her first skin care master class at the Courtleigh Hotel. Read more on my rejuvenated experience in Flair and look out for her Spa Night Out on December 20 in Montego Bay.

Danik Frazer

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Fashionary as much as I have! This week while there are only four definitions, I have a bit of bizarre fashion history for you. Then, we’re back with What’s In Your Bag and this time we have Tanya Lee sitting pretty and somehow managing to carry around her Bag a Tings! Even though she’s out west I wanted to know what was in her bag and she didn’t disappoint on quality or quantity. Enjoy!

Jessica Harrison

Tattoos and piercings still taboo at the end of this decade? Hear what the folks of Half-Way Tree had to say. Also, struggling to walk in those sexy stilettosthis Christmas? Have no fear, Jermaine Dyer is here.