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2 Qute this Christmas!

Published:Monday | December 23, 2019 | 12:13 AM

Andrea Sinclair knows that nothing completes a stunning outfit better than a striking bag. Perhaps it’s a clutch, bucket or waist (belt) bag that’s needed for the job; whatever it is, any selection from her latest pieces will make you fall in love with the idea of being too cute this festive season and beyond.

The self-taught originator has a creative knack that comes alive with each piece, and without a doubt you will, too, the moment you’ve set eyes on her work.

Every woman should have a bag of her own. So, maybe you need to consult with this fashion expert who has all the insights on how to make bold, fierce and unforgettable statements with just a bag. She has been supplying beauties with these must-have female necessities for five years and counting, with each design becoming more extraordinary.

“My pieces are cute, fun and unique. I prefer when they stand out rather than just be among the norm. When I’m designing, I focus on being different,” Sinclair told Flair.


A fashion lover herself, she made her first bag to complement an outfit she had half a decade ago. Since then, she has not put her sewing machine, scissors and other materials to rest.

Sinclair’s chic works of fashionable art serve multiple purposes. So, whether you dress up or down one bag is enough. “They are very versatile, it just depends on how you put them together,” she said.

Your walk, talk and the way you dress, plus with a 2 Qute bag that is as pretty as a picture, all eyes will be on you. And there’s no second-guessing that you’ll be the talk of the town.

Currently, Sinclair offers her handmade bags through her virtual store. She is also receptive to custom orders.

So are you ready to join the 2 Qute fashion troop? Check out @2qutecollection on Instagram for more details of Sinclair’s adorable offerings. Or WhatsApp 876-445-4495 for more details.


Story by Rocheda Bartley

Photos by Shorn Hector