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Santa Baby: Have You Been Naughty or Nice?

Published:Monday | December 23, 2019 | 12:21 AM

Twas weeks before Christmas and all through the land, all the creatures were stirring, getting their funds in hand. The gifts stocked under the Christmas tree with care, in hopes that all of your desires would soon be there. Now, here’s a modern twist to the classic Yuletide poem! Christmas is the most popularly celebrated season internationally, because it not only encourages the practice of spreading good cheer, but it brings families, friends and even strangers together. One of its famous customs, too, is the idea of holding yourself accountable for your thoughts and actions throughout the year. So we asked a few Flair readers: do you think you have been naughty or nice this year? Then we took that accountability a step further by adding to the review: what would be your reward or punishment? Here are the answers to the festive quiz:

There’s always a balance between naughty and nice. I don’t believe in punishment – just forgiveness. My reward should be a good wife. P.B. male, 32.

So I’ve been naughty and should get some solo time for Christmas! This could work both ways actually, as a reward and punishment. P.F. female, 35.

I’ve been very nice with a pinch of naughty, so I think I should be rewarded with a brand new iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. Is that too much to ask for? M.E., male, 36.

My answer is naughty. I definitely deserve a good spanking. T.N. female, 28.

I have been nice, so my reward could be a similar gift to my birthday present, a day pass at the spa. Or a gift that has a lot of thought behind it. R.C. male, 34.

A little naughty mixed with a little nice: that’s me. So let’s go 50/50 on the reward and punishment. So how about my reward be a shopping spree? And as for punishment, how about someone tie me up like Shensea song? A.B., female, 26.

I have been both naughty and nice this year. I deserve a nice mature woman for my reward and my punishments should be some dirty sex. T.S., male, 33.

I’ve been naughty with the right person. So I should be spoiled with love, affection and my favorite flowers. J.D. female, 37.

I’m usually a bad boy but I’ve been doing good. A rewarding punishment sounds appropriate, so surprise me. R.L., male, 28.

I’ve been nice and my reward should be a second child. S.D. female, 27.

Oh, I’ve been naughty. My punishment should be time out from being naughty in 2020. N.C. male, 33.

I’ve been super nice. My reward should be cash or a good man. R.T., female, 29.

I have been good and two days at an all inclusive hotel will do. ‘Nah pressure nobody dauhgter’. A.C., male, 33.

I’ve been both, more nice than naughty though. My reward should be everything nice. And my punishment to be put in the naughty corner for a week. J.H., female, 34.

I’ve been nice all year. My reward should be a trip to Canada. T.B., male, 48.

I have been both naughty and nice and my reward should be getting an investor for my vagina and sex business. I should be punished with getting chained and whipped by five girls and one guy. C.W. female, 32.

I think I’ve been nice and my reward should be healthy and safe for the rest of the year. R.B., male, 29.

I’ve been way too nice. My reward should be ‘Money O’! D.L, female, 30.

I think I’ve been nice despite what I’ve been through this year. I think my reward should be happiness. M.M. male, 29.

I’ve been too nice. I would love some money and a week of sex to blow off all this steam as my reward. J.L., female, 32.

Story by Krysta Anderson