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Mark Wignall | Trump unstable, dangerous, irredeemable

Published:Friday | August 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The man is president of the United States of America and he's acting like a man in a dingy corner of a ghetto lane under poor lights at 10 p.m. shooting craps.

For over seven months now, voters and non-voters, excluding those who cling to the Trump cult, must, by now, know that something is radically wrong with the US president. His recent presentation in Phoenix, Arizona, saw him mortally deranging the truth before an entire nation and the global community. It was a continuation of him switching narratives to the extent that he lied on himself.

And because he cannot help it, he spewed venom on all his perceived enemies and the enemies of the people - the Democrats, the media and colleagues in the Congress who are supposed to be on his side.

Surely, by now, America must know that the country needs to quickly rid itself of its self-imposed nightmare. Trump has been observed for seven long months now. The encumbrance must be lifted and it must be recognised that Trump is not just a danger to the GOP brand, tainted as it is, but he is an existential danger to global stability and to the Republican Party.

As his inner demons get the better of him, he preaches further chaos, divides the country, and relegates America to the comedy channel.

This is, of course, no joking matter. In stoking divisions and empowering those with nativist and racial intentions, those of us who have loved ones living in America must know that because their skin colour is like ours and Trump has dog-whistled their lives into the front line of danger, we must express our concerns and appeal to the better nature of Americans to rid their lives of Donald Trump.

The week before, when he had the opportunity to lessen the social, political, and racial divisions, he used the Phoenix rally to sow unbridled hate and widen that chasm.

America's social, economic, and political weaknesses will have direct disadvantages for us in terms of our relatives living there and in our access to their economy at all levels - from the little farm worker, to those in school, to those transacting business in small and vibrant enterprises.

President Donald Trump is a global threat, and in this, he fails to see that he himself would be in the cross hairs of any destructive motions of the global economy that his presidency would bring about, from armed conflict abroad to another financial downturn in the international arena.

He is unstable and needs to be removed by utilising the congressional powers that are available to those supporting his own party. Will they wait until he brings them to the edge of social and global despair?

As I see it, we are at that very edge now, and the man needs to be removed post haste.

Good luck with that, Minister Montague!

Maybe it was a wish and a hope instead of a strict directive, but when National Security Minister Bobby Montague stated that negligent policemen and women would have to step up and personally pay for the service vehicles they damaged, I must confess that I had a good laugh.

The minister has his heart in the right place, and he means well. He has that awfully tough job of straddling the roles of not pissing off the rank and file while convincing the wider population that the adults in the JCF are indeed responsible and accountable.

Once a police vehicle leaves its assigned station, it has been my observation that speed and dangerous driving are part of the general roster of duties for the day, whether those cops are genuinely responding to a call for help or they are on a 'hustling' trip.

While worthwhile, how is the minister to determine where good, defensive driving ceases and negligence begins? That will be a tough one.

The other aspect of the service vehicle and its closeness to the police in charge of it is where the vehicle 'sleeps' at night. Does the minister know that in, say, areas like Gregory Park, an early morning trip would show him that quite a few service vehicles sleep there in the nights at the residences of cops who live there?

I knew of a cop living in a section of Stony Hill who regularly took home his vehicle. Not only that, but whenever his personal vehicle needed parts, he preyed on the vehicles of cars parked at his particular station that had been seized in various operations.

Taking the vehicles home may not be strictly illegal if the policeman is willing to respond to calls above and beyond the call of duty. Scrounging for car parts on vehicles seized is definitely illegal.

Women abusing men

Recently, Minister Montague also urged men who were being abused by their live-in partners - women, I assumed - to report the abuse to the cops.

That's another tough one. Well over a decade ago, Chupski saw a text in my phone and she went ballistic. She bit me on one arm, tore off my expensive T-shirt, and punched me in the mouth. Now what would have happened had I gone to report the matter to the police?

"Officer, she had no right peeking into my cell phone, but that is gone for now. But biting me and socking me in the mouth are too much! I will not take it!"

"Are you willing to press charges of assault against her, sir?"

"Er, assault, charges. Yes, er, no ... . Officer, sorry for wasting your time."

It is never that easy. Obviously, I solved my own problems in-house, but what was instructive later that night as we were beside each other in bed was the conversation.

"Honey, yu buss up mi lip. Bite up mi han. Why?"

She began to cry. The ultimate fightback tool of women. "All right, calm down," I said while hugging her. "Seriously, why yu did it?"

She answered: "I was mad, lost control, and I know that you would not lick mi back." TouchÈ.

It has been so many years that we have not had a tiff or a little shouting out at each other that just recently, I asked her, "When is the last time yu get mad?'

"I don't get mad any more. Maybe I just scream for a while over something, but I don't get mad. You are the only person who could get me mad."

I didn't know if I should have taken that as a compliment or criticism.

I am not trivialising Minister Montague's exhortations to men in urging them to report spousal abuse. I am aware that some women, especially those who are physically imposing, will take it on themselves to spank their partners who fall out of line.

Plus, there are some 'wingy' little women who will hurl rocks at their men and seek out from their evil friends a bottle of 'black oil' or some caustic solution.

Years ago, I met a bad man from an inner-city area. His neck was oddly bent. The skin from part of his face had melded to skin at sections near to his shoulder, causing the crazy angle.

"Mi woman did know sey mi a deal wid annoder women. Mi and she lie down and have sex. Afta, mi a sleep an she screechy back inna di room, but mi wake up. She acid mi. Is a newspaper mi did have weh me draw over mi face and save it."

"So, where is she now?"

"Yu nuh want know bout dat. Not important."

- Mark Wignall is a commentator on political and public affairs. Email feedback to columns@

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