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Gordon Robinson | God created every form of sex in the world

Published:Sunday | October 20, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Once again, sex, especially other people’s sex, is a hot topic.

Perhaps it’s time to take a more spiritual look at sex. By now, regular readers know I believe this universe and its diverse life-forms (including us) were created by God to complete God’s absolute, all-knowing existence with experience. Without God’s magnificent creation, God would have no way to EXPERIENCE relativity (good and bad; light and dark; fast and slow; etc), despite God’s knowledge of relativity.

But God is omnipotent (right?), so it was a simple task to create this relative maelstrom (including Earth) and send little pieces of God to inhabit it so that God could test His/Her ‘knowledge’ with actual experience as any scientist would do in any lab. We gather these experiences and return to God with them (we call that ‘death’). This creative magnificence is what makes God the source of all wisdom.

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom.

Knowledge is not enough. Ask any employer.

So we are some of those little pieces of God sent for experience of this existence. Our experiences are God’s experiences. The birth of Christ, among other things, was proof to those of us aspiring for wisdom that our conception, transport, and delivery into this world need only one component: God. That man and woman do it together (generally speaking) is God’s plan for God to do it. That man and that woman are God’s emissaries and God works from within them.

For centuries, science has tried to fathom how God did it and how God continues to do it. For centuries, ‘Christians’ have tried to debunk science as heresy. But clear thinkers realise that there’s no dichotomy between science and Christianity. Science tries to discern the HOW. Science never pretends to be the WAY. So scientific theories (including ‘Big Bang’ from Stephen Hawking’s amazing imagination) come and go. Meanwhile, the world continues despite our best efforts to destroy it while we strive to Be. Eventually, we’ll return to God to be Who We Really Are. And always were.

So where does sex fit into this grand design? Is sex (ALL sex) one of those experiences God needs to be completed? You betcha!

According to Moses (author of Genesis), God’s rookie attempt at constructing Earth didn’t work out so well, so God demolished the model and started Earth II with Noah and his family.

Moses wrote:

“And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth.” (Genesis 9:1; KJV)

Please note, according to Moses the Legend, an early whistleblower of God’s disturbing telephone call with Noah (whose sons were in on the call), God didn’t bother addressing surviving women. His instruction to “multiply” and “replenish” was addressed only to the remaining MEN.


BUT if you take whistle blower Moses, whose hearsay evidence held sway with a series of male chauvinist pigs (oops, sorry ‘prophets), until God lost patience and delivered the verbatim transcript in the form of Jesus, at his word, God didn’t restrict/circumscribe these men’s mission. The sole objective was to “be fruitful” (by any means necessary) and “multiply”. Until God decides to offer an alternative, sex (with as many women as possible) seems the preferred (but as science has proven, not the sole) route to obeying this biblical command.

Don’t shoot the messenger. Is not me sey so. Is di Bible sey so!

So Christians, especially Christian women, need to be a tad more charitable about spouses’ occasional (or persistent) philandering. Furthermore, Christians can’t condemn gay men on the false premise that they don’t reproduce (they reproduce as well as women, needing fertility drugs and egg donors) while condemning heterosexual men for taking up the slack! Earth’s replenishing is vital to God so God’s experience-gathering exercise can be continuous and continuously varied.

And, btw, although women weren’t expressly made the object of this biblical mandate for free sex, I know many who have lots of fun experiencing as many varieties of sexual partners and sexual practices as their male counterparts.

To them I say. YOU GO, GIRL!

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Some of the most evolved and sexually uninhibited women will prove the old adage you can’t judge a book by its cover. Some of the most ‘prim-and-proper’ looking ladies occupying life’s highest stations or spewing the most religiously devout dogma, have some of the most ‘improper’ (I prefer ‘exciting’) private proclivities.

She’s too far above me, by ’alf she is.

She’d laugh, she would

(not ’alf she would)

if I was to say I loved her so.

‘Cause I do.

That’s the one thing I know.

Society is to blame for some women’s anxiety to pretend to be who they’re not. Because society cowers from the church’s totalitarian rule infecting Jamaica’s (and Jamaican women’s) every nook and cranny, including a pusillanimous Parliament, women who want to succeed in life, love, or career must pretend to bow their heads and submit. For sure, they must never appear to be sexually active or experimental. Beauty is permitted. Sexual ‘experience’? My God, NO! Men, on the other hand, are encouraged to carry on like ram goats and boast about it.

After all, Moses sey God told men to do it!

She’s too far beyond me to kiss, somehow.

“A kiss?” she’d say.

“What’s this?” she’d say.

And go off with her ’ead up in the air.

Yes, she’s too far above me to care.

But she’s not. I promise you. She understands, better than most men, that God doesn’t sit in judgment calling one action ‘good’ and another ‘evil’. To be clear, I’m writing about the God Jesus promised dwelt within all of us (John 14:11-14; 17), NOT the God Moses never met but somehow recorded His/Her every conversation. Only YOU can decide, using God’s gift of Free Will, what path you’ll take to acquire the wisdom your evolution through this existence offers. No matter how often you beg God (a.k.a. prayer), God won’t make your choice for you. Do the math. Too many are simultaneously begging for contradictory outcomes. It’s too complicated (and God is busy), so God says, “Here, have Free Will” and leaves your choices to you.


God promised you that if you love God and your “neighbour” (as yourself), then you won’t kill, steal, commit adultery, etc. The Church calls these ‘Commandments’ the better to keep us in terror contributing to the Church’s righteous wealth. But they are really terms of a unilateral contract (‘covenant’) made between God and all of us (read Genesis again carefully and without Pastor breathing down your neck) akin to a regular, more mundane covenant made with IOC (“If you win, you’ll get a gold medal”).

This covenant with God incorporates a promise made by God to His/Her children on Earth that love is the only way to rapid evolution towards Being Who You Really Are (one with God) by reuniting with (remembering) God (your origin). It follows, therefore, that, once your decisions are based on love for your fellow human as yourself (which may include romantic love but involves much, much more), then you’ll be on the path of rapid evolution to wisdom, which you’ll take with you back to God. THAT’s God’s plan.

If your decisions aren’t taken on the basis of equality of purpose of all living creatures including humans; if your actions are intended to hurt another regardless of motive; then you won’t be judged by God BUT your path to wisdom will be obstructed by your own choices.

Half a Sixpence, a Broadway musical based on H.G. Wells’ 1905 novel ‘Kipps’ (set in 1900 Folkestone), was first produced in 1963 at London’s Cambridge Theatre. Cockney, Arthur Kipps, an orphan and apprentice draper has a childhood sweetheart, Annie, who works in domestic service, so they rarely see each other. Arthur, believing a lovers’ token will help the romance, produces two halves of a sixpence and gives one to Annie. Arthur suddenly comes into a fortune and meets Helen, an attractive upper-class lady, with whom he finds himself falling in love but haunted by the difference in their backgrounds, hence She’s Too Far above Me. Music and lyrics were written by David Heneker, and the production featured brilliant British thespian Tommy Steele, who gave a magical performance as Arthur.

Remember, if you believe God created the world, you’ve no option but to believe that God created every form of sex in the world. If you call any form of sex unholy or abominable (worse, if you condemn any form of love), then you’ve blasphemed because you’re calling God’s creation an abomination and God unholy. So, be careful what you ask for or where you point a finger. Other fingers will be pointing at you.

Peace and love!

- Gordon Robinson is an attorney-at-law. Email feedback to