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Revamp your health with Soyfresh

Published:Thursday | August 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Have one of these cappuccino cupcakes, feeling completely guilt-free with the zero-cholesterol milk alternative. - photos by Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer
The delightful pineapple bread pudding.
Soyfresh delightful soya milk fountain on display.
Pasta Alfredo, using the special ingredient - Soyfresh.

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Staff Reporter

There is no doubt that Soyfresh is a healthy start to a better lifestyle. While it is not a new product, World Brands Services - a distribution of GraceKennedy Foods and Services Limited - relaunched the product with a healthy initiative in mind last week.

The launch took into consideration the patrons' overall well-being, with Core Fitness, Chai Studios and Spa Aesthetique on hand, showcasing what they had to offer to improve their health.

But Soyfresh tipped the scale, when they showed the variety of ways to enjoy and incorporate soy milk into daily meals. Of course, there was pastry - cappuccino cupcakes, along with pineapple bread pudding and cheddar cheese scone. However, the soya milk is versatile and being that it is non-dairy with zero cholesterol, you can go all out and add it to a large number of dishes, which was what Soyfresh did.

The soya milk, which is made from 100 per cent Canadian soya beans, was also incorporated into the main-course dishes. These include the malt French toast, callaloo and potato frittata, pumpkin and sweet potato bisque, grilled chicken and pasta salad. It was a 'foodie' haven, and you would not feel guilty after indulging in these treats.

Health enthusiast and guest speaker Dennis Chung endorsed the product. He strongly believes in a statement he was once told by a friend: "A healthy lifestyle is like putting money in the bank."

He reiterated this, saying the decisions we make now will impact us later in life, even though we might not see it immediately. This, in essence, was what the launch wanted to accomplish, and it did!