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Cooking up a STORM. Finance ministry staff whip up tasty dishes in cook-off

Published:Thursday | October 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Othneil Brown stirring up a SHRM Medley storm.
EMD Eco Chefs' fiscal spread served on French bread strategically placed on the plate beside the tomato rose giving the illusion of leaves.
CSD Giants' delightful grilled fish in pineapple sauce. .photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
The winning entrée - salmon a la garde served with mashed plantain. Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
SHRM Foodies' delectable sweet potato mash with herb chicken and red wine sauce.
This spicy chicken breast in creamy pasta served with healthy vegetable stir-fry was made by Chefs in the Balance. Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
EMD Eco Chefs' debt cooler, a refreshing mixture of celery, cucumber, lime, ginger, American apple and coconut water.
CSD Giants' beetroot spritzer.
The winning team, EMD Eco Chefs, posing with their prize. Team members are (from left) Terron Francis, Nadine James, Marcella Scarlett, Cheryl Smith and Kerry-Ann Moore.

Jody-Anne Lawrence • Staff Reporter

The STAFF of the Ministry of Finance and Planning proved that they were experts in more than addition and subtraction as they showed off their culinary skills during their first Go Green Cook-off last Friday.

five teams, each having five members, smartly named after their
departments. These included the Corporate Services Department's 'CSD
Giants'; Economic Management Division's ' EMD Eco Chefs'; Public Service
Establishment Division's 'SHRM Foodies (Strategic Human and Resources
Management); Internal Audit's Culinary Auditors; and Finance and
Accounts' Chefs in the Balance.

The cook-off had a smooth start as
teams were allotted 30 minutes to prepare a scrumptious appetiser.
Judges took note of how the teams worked together and kept their
stations, but the proof came in the tasting.

CSD Giants were the first to present their vegetable medley, which included salt fish.

Eco Chefs prepared what they called a fiscal spread on French bread,
which was an avocado-based spread mixed with callaloo, feta cheese,
garlic, salt and lime juice.

SHRM followed with their own SHRM Medley served with garlic bread.


Auditors took it out of the box, preparing a vegetable cupcake without
flour which, unfortunately, did not turn out as well as they had hoped,
because they did not have enough time for it to cool, but their efforts
were commended.

And finally, Chefs in the Balance prepared a guacamole surprise - seasoned diced avocado.

judges - Chef Theo Smith from Great House Caterers and Shina Cole from
Papine High - took their time to taste each dish, cleaning their palate
after each bite so that they could fully embrace the taste of each
element of each dish. The end result was EMD Eco Chefs stealing the show
with their fiscal spread.

The entrée section then followed with
the teams creating flaming, healthy dishes in 45 minutes. Those who
watched were caught up in a real culinary exhibition. Teams expertly
prepared dishes such as shrimp à la vegetaria wrap by Culinary Auditors
and sweet potato mash with herb chicken in red wine sauce by SHRM
Foodies. There was also the spicy chicken breast in creamy pasta served
with healthy stir-fry by Chefs in the Balance, while CSD Giants prepared
grilled fish in pineapple sauce, and EMD Eco Chefs prepared
international salmon a la garde.

While the judges took their time
to savour the flavours of these dishes, the contestants went back to
prepare their healthy beverages in 15 minutes. They blended, strained
and mixed. SHRM Foodies were the winners for the juice category with
their SHRM Medley that included beet root, mango and carrots. The juices
were to be made without any added sugar.

The winning entrée was
EMD Eco Chefs' international salmon a lagarde. In third place was CSD
Giants, with SHRM Foodies in second. The second- and third-place winners
received gift baskets, while the first-place winners received a trophy
and $20,000.