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Get on board at Sea Deck

Published:Thursday | October 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM
All aboard for mouth-watering lobster with a side of steamed vegetables for Restaurant Week.-Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

It is definitely smooth sailing to culinary paradise once you escape to the delectable offerings of the Sea Deck Restaurant during this year's Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week.

Chef and owner Yan Yao, who is no stranger to the restaurant industry, explained that he wanted to tap into the seafood market in the Corporate Area to satisfy the palates of seafood lovers in and around Kingston without having to venture outside of town, and it was there that Sea Deck was born.

Now that he has been open for over four months, he decided to join the Restaurant Week family to gain exposure and share their love for all crustaceans in a three-course dining pleasure fit for kings and queens, princess and princes.

When challenged to Do Us a Flavour, Yao selected the jerked lobster from his menu.

"Freshly prepared with natural seasoning of garlic, scallion and pimento seed, grilled to perfection with coatings of a special homemade jerk sauce fused with country pepper. The jerked lobster absorbs the charcoal from the smoke to give it an authentically Jamaican flavour. It is then served with a side of the sauce and steamed vegetables," revealed award-winning chef and co-captain of the Sea Deck Kitchen, Garfield Sutherland.


From mouth-watering lobster to crab, savoury shrimp to conch and, of course, flavourful fish, Yao notes that all their ingredients are locally sourced and prepared in a variety of ways with natural ingredients and spices guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds.

Yao not only prides himself on providing scrumptious seafood, he also pays close attention to the overall experience, "We have a beautiful view, building the structure around the trees to preserve the naturally scenic atmosphere. With a choice of semi-indoor and outdoor seating, seafood lovers are given a choice in their dining experience, and the enticing aromas are sure to greet you before they reach the table," the restaurateur confessed.

- Krysta Anderson