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First-time hit

Published:Thursday | October 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Michael's Restaurant and Coffee Shop's 'Oh Gloria Salad' accompanied by the soup of the day, a tribute to their late owner. Contributed

We celebrate life in many ways, and during this year's Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week, Micheal's Restaurant and Coffee Shop will pay homage to the late owner with their oh Gloria salad.

The new kid on the block has come out with a punch serving up a storm. For this salad from the restaurant that is featured in the Nyam and Scram category it is served in a tortilla shell, a side of tomatoes topped with delicious grilled chicken. Best of all, it is served with the soup of the day. The flavour is clean and crisp and the tangy flavour of the dressing accompanied by the flavour of the chicken will have your palate overwhelmed with joy.

The first-timers have also come out blazing with their hot and spicy chicken served with sweet potato salad and a chocolate chip cookie. One we will all love is fried chicken, and Michael's have added the treat of raisin in their salad and a chocolate chip cookie will be irresistible.

This year, you can give this first-timer a chance to satisfy your taste buds.

- Jody-Anne Lawrence