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Going fresh with Badia

Published:Thursday | October 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The gorgeous host for the evening, Sara Lawrence.
Paprika-pressed plantain with brushetta was a mouth-watering treat.
Seasonings from the Badia line.
Ackee and saltfish spring roll with sweet chilli sauce. Photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Brian Lumley preparing his quesadilla.
Miss Universe Jamaica Kaci Fennell with her winning vegetarian cheesy quesadilla.

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

The Soul of Cooking was the theme for the official launch of the Badia line of products at 689 by Brian Lumley last Monday night.

World Brands Services - a division of GraceKennedy Foods, is the new distributor of Badia. This no-MSG line of seasoning has been in existence for 45 years. However, it has always been distributed in Jamaica on a small scale until World Brands decided to change that. Since taking up the mantle as distributors in July, World Brands has expanded the line of Badia products distributed in Jamaica to 115 - a wide assortment of spices, herbs, marinades and teas - making the brand available in all major supermarkets.

The launch was all about food, so presentations by Badia's account manager, Jose Menendez, who gave some background on the products, and Brand Manager Pettrine Harris, who spoke about the new partnership, were kept short and sweet.

All the appetisers and beverages served throughout the night, included a Badia products as ingredients. According to Chef Brian Lumley, he agreed to endorse the line because it focuses on freshness and health.


"I like the seasonings. It focuses on freshness and healthy living, something that I want to be a part of my menu.

"Badia is a one-stop shop for everything I need. I use the dried herbs in my oxtail and parsley in my pasta."

However, he was not only there to endorse the products, but to also take on the challenge of Miss Universe Jamaica Kaci Fennell.

Both were asked to prepare a quesadilla that incorporated Badia's spices and sauces within 10 minutes. Their creations were judged by Chefs Karl Thomas, George Matthews, Monique Solomon and Badia's Kathy Riveira.

At the end of the night, Fennell added another hat to her crown. Her vegetarian quesadilla, packed with cheese and delicious marinades and spices, copped the top spot.

Chef Lumley's was close with his creation that was filled with grilled chicken and cheese that meat lovers would enjoy.

Spice Health Benefits

Allspice - helps to balance the body's blood sugar level.

Basil - strengthens the body's defence against asthma.

Bay Leaf - balances blood-sugar level and retards weight gain.

Cardamom - reduces heartburn and helps digest grains.

Cayenne - improves circulation, enhances memory and opens respiratory passages.

Chili peppers - provides pain relief, improves circulation and helps to fight prostate cancer and ulcers.

Cloves - alleviates diarrhoea and nausea.

Coriander - reduces cholesterol, prevents gas and alleviates cramps.

Oregano - rich in antioxidants.

Parsley - improves eyesight, promotes kidney and liver health and prevents build-up in the arteries.