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Great experience guaranteed

Published:Thursday | October 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM
The delectable grilled lobster with sliced fish soaked in coconut sauce, served with callaloo rice and fresh vegetables.

If you like your lobster, then you are in luck and the place to be is the Triple T'Z Eatery Restaurant during the Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week.

Executive Chef Wayne Linsay said that it's the restaurant's third year participating in RW, and it has been pretty good for them. One of the many treats available on this year's menu is the grilled lobster walled in garlic butter, coupled with sliced fish soaked in coconut sauce, served with calaloo rice (mashed potatoes, or corn rice), string beans and carrots, sautéed in herbs and sweet peppers flavoured with blended natural seasonings - scallion, onion, thyme, pepper and rosemary.

Natural is a good commodity for the body, especially when indulging in the honey roasted chicken wrap with bacon stuffed and mozzarella cheese, served with corn rice seasoned with scallion and onions - accompanied by authentic curried mutton with vegetables on the side.

Chef Linsay said that you are guaranteed a great RW experience at Triple T'Z Eatery. "We provide some of the most delicious food around town, plus the natural ambience is excellent and the staff is courteous, and you get value for your money," he said confidently.

- Cathy Risden